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Abnormal Cyrus, cheering and other things

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Oh, James was pissed.
I'm so sorry about that.
He was nervous and I wanted to bring some comic relief to the whole situation.
He had to hold his speech on rare cancer and I cheered.

James was on his way to the lectern and I lifted my right arm and was waving.
"Go, Jimmy, go, go, gooo! Whooohooo!"
I noticed his walk stiffened a bit but he didn't turn around.
His lecture was very interesting and well prepared. No one fell asleep, they all had their eyes fixed at the stage and Jim and scribbled down notes.
And he really deserved the applause he got. The chairman thanked him and when he came back, I raised my arms and yelled "You rule! YEAH! Whooohooo!"
The applause swallowed my yell a bit so that only a few people around me could hear it and giggled.
James did not look at me and flung himself into his chair. His eyes were fixed on the guy on the stage and he didn't say a word.
I nudged him. "C'mon don't be pissed now! You really rule. This was at least an interesting speech and I think all persons in the room were awake."
He just took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling shaking his head.
Oh, he was really pissed. I realized that by now and swallowed.
Well done, Greggo...Think about an excuse, I thought.

Afterwards I hurried off mumbling I forgot to buy something. The first thing I got was Abnormal Cyrus:

His clothes remind me of Freddy Krueger and he's so weird I just love him. He should replace Rupert who's mine now.
But he was just the eye catcher. What I really wanted to buy was in the second hand bookshop I spotted Monday evening. It was the first edition of Yeats' Poems and Stories.
And at that opportunity I found the perfect Christmas (or Chanukka) present for him. It cost me a fortune and I hope he won't check our account, but I desperately want him to have that little treasure. can read in his blog what he thinks about Yeats. He was more than happy, I think.

Then there was Dr. Marks who spotted his Nintendo DS in my thievish hands. He wasn't able to talk to me 'cause this would mean to yell all across the room, so he just lifted up a piece of paper: Go on Dr. House. I'm listening, and...RETURN MY DS!

I grinned and continued playing Prince of Persia.
And I was a bit surprised he approached me. "Hey, if you're busy or anything. I could take you to lunch or something. My treat?"
I blinked at him and pondered.
"'ll pay!", I finally answered and hobbled off. "C'mon, Jim! Dr. Marks invited us for lunch!", I smirked and James followed with a grin.
Dr. Marks headed for the cafeteria.
"Ukk...I won't eat there!", I announced and James just rolled his eyes to the ceiling.
"Er...", Dr. Marks began. "There's that Italian restaurant around the corner..."
"Okey-dokey!", I replied and off we were.

We sat down in a nice little trattoria and I ordered tagliatelle con porcino and red wine. Marks seemed to be well rested today and thus was able to reply to my teasing. I have to admit it was fun.
Somewhere down the road his mobile went off and he blushed. "Sorry...I...I forgot to turn it off..."
Jim waved that aside. "Never mind", he smiled and secretly caressed my knee under the table.
After Marks finished his conversation I asked "Was that your better half?" I grinned and he blushed again. " was Fayt."
Jim nodded. "And I think this was for him", and handed him that Dinner for Two thing back which I noticed with a sigh.
"Uh, thank you!", Marks beamed and stuffed it into his pocket.
"Maybe you'll want to join us this evening?"
Jim smiled and before I could object he agreed. So it's dinner with Mr. Ed and Fayt tonight...
I rested my chin on my hands and smirked at him. "So - are you married to him?"
Marks looked blank. "Married? No...of course not. We can't marry."
I nodded. "But yes, you can. You could get married in Canada. Or at Boston."

And I relished the way I saw the gears in his head move. I think he still wonders why I know such things.


Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

Oh that Christmas present sounds interesting - and I promise I wont check our account.

Did I tell you that I still can't believe you bought that Yeats book for me?

December 13, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

You did.
Several times.
And I loved the way you thanked me.

December 13, 2006  
Blogger Dr. James Wilson said...

I still can't believe it!

God, I am bored of the lectures. Fancy a coffee?
Sneak off?

December 13, 2006  
Blogger Dr. Gregory House said...

Sneak off!

December 13, 2006  

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