Thursday, August 31, 2006

Benighted with caffeine

This is what I must be, 'cause I'm here writing again into this...thing.
After the second pot of coffee out of boredom I phoned Wilson at the hospital and stated with a disguised voice: "I cannot talk now."
It's fun to make other's days a little bit surreal, isn't it?
And it prevents me from spinning intrigues against Vogler and aiming at world domination.

Let's get started

What on earth am I doing here?
I'm not quite sure myself.
After my "speech" for Vogler I called in sick to be on the safe side and bore myself to death all alone at home. Some Vicodin and hours on the internet later I came across these weblogs and was crazy enough to start one of my own.
Yes, I think I'll like it to bother my fellow men with the effusions of my mental derangement. Provided I find the time to do it - soon I'll have to row with the other slaves again.