Thursday, April 26, 2007

Easter in Canada

I told you I'd still write about Easter, right?
What I didn't expect was that Jim would start doing so - revealing some very private...incidents.
But he is right when he claims I am not any better. I know that.
I think we both just have to live with the babbling that's sometimes pouring out of each other's...well...not mouths, hm? Fingers?

So...after the not so short stop at the meadow and meeting the local gossip monger, we made our way to the hut and made ourselves comfortable up there.
15 minutes after our arrival Mr. Brunswick blew the horn of his pickup car.
I turned to Jim and grinned. "That old fart is a good walker!"
Jim sighed and blushed crimson red. "Yes. Amazing how fast the local news network is working."
He walked to the door, opened it and waved to Mr. Brunswick who jumped out of the car with a broad smile.
"JIM!", he exclaimed and patted Jim's shoulder as if it was ring-the-bell. "Good to see you again! Where's your sweetheart?"
I grinned and peeped out of the door. "Hey, Mr. Brunswick..."
"Dr. House!", he roared and greeted me in a quite similar way so that I had to lean hard on my cane afterwards. "I am bringing your stuff."
"Right on time", I nodded.
Brunswick laughed out loud. "Well...'the old fart', as you call him, was in the village store and told everyone he met you on the meadow down there."
James squeezed past him and put his arm around my shoulder. "Um...yes...the meadow...We had a short break there."
The corners of Brunswick's mouth twitched and he tried hard not to grin. "Yes, he told us something like that...He called it shnoggin' instead of short break."
Jim and me exchanged some quick glances and I grinned while he was breathing out with relief.
Brunswick did not pay much attention to that 'cause he was already beginning to bring some of the numerous bags he brought inside.
Jim and me hurried to help him and I wondered if he thought we'd receive our whole families here or the Boston Red Sox.

Brunswick left not without inviting us to the pub in the evening and telling me how glad Finn was we were back. He winked and smirked to himself while I was just rolling my eyes.
"What did he tell you?", Jim wanted to know when I came back in and started to help him to stuff the things away.
"Invited us to the pub tonight...and told me how happy Finn is."
James frowned. "U-huuu...Finn, hm?"
I shrugged and opened the cupboard. "Yes. He's glad we're back."
"Sure. We."
I nudged Jim's side and we both grinned.

Afterwards we unpacked our bags and I was surprised when I saw that Jim brought some Easter decoration.
"You celebrate Easter? Being a Jew?", I raised an eyebrow.
James raised both of his eyebrows. "You celebrate Easter? Being nothing?"
"Ts ts", I grinned. "Who tells you I'm nothing? By the way I am just celebrating some days off with you."
"Yeah. And you celebrate the opportunity of getting nougat eggs and all that stuff."
"Got me!", I smirked. He knew I had a sweet tooth.

Well...we made ourselves comfortable and if you read Jim's blog you know how that day ended. We did not join the Brunswick's at the pub.
Nonetheless they asked us to go to the Easter mass with them Sunday morning. I showed my teeth but Jim agreed.

Oh, I was grumpy when I had to get up early for church.
"Why the heck did you agree?", I complained and watched my tired face in the mirror.
Jim hopped out of the shower and toweled. "C'mon, hun, it's not that bad. We're with our friends and after church we'll have Easter brunch at their home."
He cuffed my bum and gestured to the shower. "Now hurry, babes. I'll percolate coffee and after your shower and a good cuppa your world will look better."
I just frowned, dryswallowed a Vicodin and did what I was told.
Well, I was surprised that he was right.
Shower and coffee lifted my spirits and suddenly the prospect of going to church together with the whole village seemed fun.
Jim watched me carefully over the brim of his mug.
"You are plotting..."
I took a sip and smiled as bright as the sun. "I am not. I am just beginning to like the idea of watching an entire village on their knees."
Jim waved that aside. "You are plotting. I know that face. It's the 'solving a puzzle' look combined with that smug smile...."
Taking another sip of coffee I sat back in my chair. "If you think so..."
"Do I want to know?"
"Know what?"
"What you are going to do."
"Hey, I am just going to church with you and the villagers!"
Jim put down his mug and raised his hands. "Fine. Fine! Just...make sure you won't embarass me."
"Would I ever do that?"
"You so would!"
I put on a hurt expression and finished my coffee.

Just a few minutes later the police car blew the horn in front of the hut. Finn was there to pick us up, wearing a dark suit and smelling like a perfumery. Jim grinned and nudged my side. "Wanna hurry inside again and change into a suit?"
"Yeah, always", I replied and nudged him back.
Finn approached us all smiles and hugged me like a long lost friend. "Gregory!", he just said and eyed me from head to toe. After some seconds he added a "You look good!"
I just shrugged and wished him a Happy Easter.
"Jim, it's so good to see you again", he then turned to James who concealed a grin.
After the hellos we were on our way to church which was already crowded.
I limped inside leaning hard on my cane to make sure I would not kneel down or anything.
And to add more emphasis to the thing I was about to do.
We sat down next to the Brunswicks, Finn to my left, and Jim looked at me slightly concerned.
"Does it hurt that much today?"
I rubbed my thigh. "I'm okay, darling."
"You always say that..."
"Believe me, I'm okay."
Jim sighed and the Easter mass began.

Do you know Homer Simpson and the way he lies on the couch, drooling and half asleep? I think I must have looked fairly similar. Jim nudged me more than once and hissed my name. Then my eyes popped open again and I really tried to listen to what the priest said.
When I could not stomach it anymore I decided it was about time to do what I wanted to do. Just when the wholecongregation, out of respect including James, was kneeling down again I arose.
Everyone turned their head and looked at me. "Sit down again!", Jim hissed under his breath but I lifted my cane.
"A miracle!", I exclaimed. "I can walk!"
With these words I took a few steps into the aisle without using my cane. "Hallelujah!!!"
"Greg!!!!", Jim hissed again and the congregation was staring at me, some jaws dropped. I limped out of the church still not using my cane and heard someone else following me stammering "Excuse me...oh...I'm so sorry....oh...Lord..."
Jim for sure.

Outside I broke down with mad laughter at Finn's car. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I tried hard to catch breath when my head was slapped.
"Are you mad?!", Jim yelled at me.
I looked up at him with big puppy eyes. "Aw...don't be cross with me...I just had to..."
"You hurt their religious feelings!!! That's no joke!", he said with clenched teeth.
I was still laughing, could not help it, and shook my head. "If anything I made the morning a bit interesting..."
Jim sat down next to me in the grass. "You are impossible! Really!"
I twirled my cane and smiled at him. "But it"
He turned his head to me. "At least for you."
I poked him. "C'mon...I see that developping grin..."
And yes. There it was. A small grin. Then a broad grin. That broad grin turned into laughter and soon we both had to wipe our tears away.

Five minutes later Finn ran out of the church and nodded down to us. "Well...That was...interesting. They are still discussing what exactly it was."
Jim grunted. "It was one of his ill-minded jokes!"
Finn could not help grinning. "Um...I was funny, I have to admit."
"Thumbs up!", I said and he offered me his hand.
"Okay, get up, you two. We'll be driving home now before everyone else is coming out."
I ignored his hand and got to my feet, having dirt brushed off my trousers by Jim. "Yes, let's hook it."
Shortly after us the rest of the Brunswick family came home and I was a bit surprised no one was cross with me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The middle of the week

...and I got Starbucks coffee every single morning since Monday.
Quite comfortable, I have to admit.
This is today, early morning in my office and still dark outside:

I have no clue how the liberal donor and (not really) nameless sponsor knows when I'll be here in the mornings, but it's always hot and fresh when I come in.
Foreman took the photograph this morning and was already laughing his ass off again. Jim hates it and always frowns and wrinkles his nose when he gets to know there was a cup of coffee waiting for me again.
Well...and I just think it's agreeable as long as the contributor can't be seen around.
The coffee is always accompanied by a little gift though and the words 'Caution, I'm hot' are underlined...
Chocolates, CDs, croissants...Today it was heartshaped nougat with the lyrics of Can't take my eyes off you. I traded the sweets for a prescription and decided not to tell James they were little nougat hearts. He'll know soon enough and I hope he won't be pissy. It's not my fault.

Speaking of James and hearts...he's soooo sweet...
We've been to the mall during lunch break and bought a new phone. And he was totally enthusiastic over these....'fairy lights' and bought them for the bedroom:

Well, it takes a bit getting used to...
And I hope he won't read that now, 'cause I bought something else, too, just to mock him slightly. He awoke last night, was thirsty, got up and ran against a dresser waking me up with his cursing and yelling.
So...I got him a little night light. With Snoopy, of course. I can't stop grinning when I think of it. As soon as he's asleep I'll attach it to the wall socket next to his side of the bed:

Lunchbreak...yes, lunchbreak. There was another incident brightening up my day. Dr. F. creeped around my office the whole day, waving to me, grinning, beaming and so on. It was such a ridiculous sight you just can't imagine it.
At lunchtime he tried to enter my office, did not knock because he noticed I saw him through the glass door and hit it with his head instead of opening it.
That sound!
That face!
"Ouch!", he exclaimed and I was about to shoot the coffee I just sipped out of my nose.
"Can I help you?", I just asked dryly.
He managed to come in with a silent curse and blushed deeply. "I...I..."
I sighed. "Sudden aphasia again?"
" I was on my way to have lunch at the Italian restaurant around the corner...and...I wondered if you would like to come with me. My treat."
I sat back in my chair and rubbed my eyes. "Is it lunchtime yet? Your treat sound tempting, but I'm about to leave to the mall now."
"Oh, oh", he said hastily, "I could invite you to the mall, too!"
I shook my head. "No. See? There's Dr. Wilson", I said pointing at him approaching my office. "He's picking me up and we both will leave to the mall now."
With these words I grabbed my backpack and arose to limp to the door.
Dr. F. looked fairly disappointed and replied a friendly "Hello, Dr. Wilson" to Jim's icy nod.

On our way to the car Jim was still slightly pissy.
"What did he want again?"
I grinned. "Inviting me for lunch."
James snorted. "Ah, ever so nice! Doesn't he know we're married?"
I shrugged. "Dunno. He did not ask me."
"Does he know you're with me?"
"C'mon, James, no need to be pissy. He'll find out soon enough. And until that day he can provide me with early morning coffee as long as he does not lurk at my office."
James opened the car and grinned. "That's so you...Sometimes you are really mean..."
I sat down and leered at him. "And you love me for that."
"Inter alia", he smiled and kissed me before he started the engine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just some photographs

I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat!
Jim likes it.
At least he says so.

And it's me and Jimmy:

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tanti auguri a te, JoJo!

That was Italian for

I was inspired by the Ti amo, Gregory someone scribbled on my post-it, forgive me please.
Have a wonderful day with your friends and family (just lacking your cousin and 'cousin-in-law') down there in California and use your new camera in Disneyland.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The evening with 'Dr. Italy'

Foreman and some others asked me to tell you all about yesterday evening.
Well. It was interesting and amusing.
At least for me.

When my lecture was over, Dr. Fusselli (Fusilli? Fusselini?) rushed over to me and told me he'd pick me up at 7 p.m. with a cab and take me to some 'molto bene ristorante'. I just shrugged, nodded, grabbed my backpack and made my way to the parking lot.

After having a shower and talking to James on the phone 7 p.m. sharp a taxi blew the horn.
I stepped outside and almost ran into Dr. Fuselli (or whatever) who was waiting for me at the foot of the stairs with a ridiculously happy grin on his face and wearing an Armani suit.
(I was wearing jeans, t-shirt, rumpled shirt, sack coat and chucks as usual.)
"Ciao, Dr. House!", he beamed at me and I quickly made sure he had no box of chocolates or other silly stuff in his hands.
"Hey!", I just answered and squeezed past him to sit down in the cab.
"I am so glad you had spare time tonight", he smiled when he sat down next to me and patted my shoulder. I flinched a bit - I hate it when people just touch me without being allowed to do so.
He either ignored that or was not aware of it 'cause he kept touching my shoulder, my arm and my knee while prattling.
"Stop it!", I finally gnarled and he froze in his movement.
"Stop what?"
The hackie looked over his shoulder. "I think this means Hands off..."
"Oh...", he blushed. "I didn't mean...I..this is Italian habit."

He kept his hands off me until we reached the restaurant, Lahieres on Witherspoon Street. They are famous for their filet mignon, so I already decided what to order the moment I got out of the cab.
Besides that I was looking forward to a good cigar, wine and a Single Malt.
It was almost embarassing that Dr. Fusselini hurried to open the door for me and gracefully guided me to the table.
Even more embarassing was the fact that that table was obviously chosen for a cosy date. A bit hidden beneath flowers, dim light, candles...the whole nine yards.
I sat down and looked around - the reastaurant was nice though.
"Do you like the table?", Dr. F. asked with a bright smile.
I raised an eyebrow and looked at him. "Um...well...a fairly nice table when you're with your significant other...Or with a date and being determined to go all the way."
Dr. F. seemed close to a heart attack and grinned from ear to ear. "Oh. Well...maybe."
I subtly shook my head and looked up to the waitress who brought us the menu.
"Did the gentlemen choose a wine yet?", she asked.
Dr. F. smiled and nodded. "Banfi 1999 Poggio alle Mura Brunello di Montalcino, per favore."
"Good choice", I thought, but considering he could afford that wine, I asked "Would it be a problem to choose Casanova di Neri 2000 Brunello di Montalcino Cerretalto?"
If he really thought he was dating me, he could fork out 40 bucks more for me.
Dr. F. was fidgeting at his collar and thinking for a splitsecond.
" course not. A very good wine, you're right."
"Wonderful", I smiled at him and leaned back in my chair to study the menu.

We both chose the filet mignon and the wine was excellent.
For a while, even the conversation was pleasant to some extent. He was talking about Italy, work, wine and so on, I made my remarks, social noises, mocked him without him even noticing and filled my gullet.
I was quite contented until he began to rave of my 'good looks', 'intelligence', 'charme' and so on. I just tried to ignore all that and to enjoy my Tiramisu instead. Dr. F.'s eyes became a bit dilated and I could not see if it was because of the wine or because...well...of me.
"By the way, my name is Marco...Fusselini of can call me Marco", he said with an awfully warm smile.
I looked up from my Tiramisu and replied. "My name is Gregory House, of course. You can call me Gregory...House."
He obviously thought it was a joke 'cause he snickered and grabbed my hand, squeezed it and whispered "Gregory..."
I quickly withdrew my hand and turned my attention to the dessert again. Now this was getting unpleasant.
"Would you like a cigar after the dessert?", Dr. F. asked and I pondered for a while. Then I thought "Okay, a cigar, why not? And afterwards I'll go home."
"Yes please", I nodded, "a J.L. Salazar y Hermanos."

While I was crushing my Tiramisu I heard a familiar voice exclaiming "Marcooooo!"
Joey Arnello. I grinned. That man was nearly everywhere. He shortly hugged Dr. F., eyed the cigar and talked to him. Apparantly he asked if he was here with someone else because Marcooooo gestured towards our table.
A broad grin appeared on Arnello's face. "Dottore House!!!", he yelled over to me and I waved. Dr. F. seemed a bit puzzled and followed Arnello back to the table.
"Nice to see you, eh?", Arnello roared and patted my shoulder.
"You know each other?", Dr. F. asked totally superfluous.
Arnello nodded and winked at me. "Just tell me if he should be molesting you, eh?"
I grinned. "Of course I will."
Arnello nodded again. "Fine. Have a nice evening and greetings to Dr. Wilson."
All smiles I nodded back and began to smoke my cigar and ignored Dr. F.'s attempts to dally with me.

And I successfully managed to ignore said attempts on the way back home.
When I got out of the cab he walked me to the door.
"Um...", he began and hesitated.
"Um?", I asked and unlocked the door.
"Could...could...could I..."
I raised an eyebrow. "Interesting! Sudden aphasia."
" was just searching for words."
"Did you find any? I'm sure I left some on the stairs."
He grinned. "Yes."
"Could I get a cup of coffee before I get home?"
Oh no! He still thought he was dating me. That was so cliché!
I walked into the appartment, said "No!" and closed the door behind me.

For a few seconds I leaned at the door and wondered why I did not hear leaving steps outside. Was he too dumbfounded to go home? Considering the fact I had to be at PPTH at 6 am the next morning an idea came to my mind and I opened the door again, peeped around the corner and watched his face light up.
"Okay, tomorrow morning, 6 a.m. at my office. I prefer caramel macchiato. Your treat!"
With these words I closed the door again, went into the bathroom and laughed my ass off.

And you won't believe it.
He was there this morning.
With caramel macchiato from Starbucks.
Most of the time I ignored him, sipped my coffee and prepared my lecture for today.
He looked so ridiculously happy when he entered the lecture room with me Foreman shot milk out of his nose.

What pill should YOU be taking?

What Pill Should YOU Be Taking?
Patient Name:Gregory House
Prescription:Gregory houseel
Effects:Allows you to become irresistible
'What Pill Should You be Taking?' at

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Such a rotten week

Mood: annoyed and cranky
Weather: sunny...but I'm annoyed
Listening to: babbling students and doctors
Drinking: very strong order not to run amok

It's day 4 of a completely rotten week.
Rotten to the core.
I told you that Dr. Johnson and Dr. Mason complained about me, right?
Well, Cuddy's punishment followed swiftly.
I have to lecture the whole week! Lecturing day succeeds lecturing day and my crankiness grows.
My lectures on interdisciplinary diagnostic investigation start at 7 am (!!!) every fucking single morning and end at 5 pm. This is utterly exhausting, boring and annoying. My only pleasure is torturing the participants (including Foreman) and leading them a merry dance.
To worsen everything, Jim's not here until tomorrow evening. He lectures at McGill and I miss him like hell.

Missing...yes...missing was another thing - my red mug. Yesterday morning and noon it was there at the lectern. When I came back from lunch it was gone.
Imagine that!
My mug!
I sipped my coffee out of the thermos flask then and was even more annoyed.
Well...Foreman had a suspicion though and told me about the guy sitting behind him. Some surgeon from Naples working here at PPTH since September.
"Didn't you notice he's always beaming at you?", Foreman asked me and frowned.
I shook my head. "No, my sweet little brownbear, I did not notice."
"Well, he does, my sweet little bastard!", Foreman retorted sharply and I congratulated myself for annoying him that quickly.
"And I am sure he took your mug as a souvenir. He keeps raving of your 'delicate and beautiful cheekbones' and told me he wants to ask you out for dinner tonight."
I laughed out loud. "Yeah, Foreman, for sure!"
Foreman just nodded. "Yes, for sure. I'm not kidding!"
I shrugged and waved that aside.

And guess what?
This morning, my mug was back!
Filled to the brim with heartshaped chocolates and accompanied by a bunch of flowers. Or should I call it a nosegay? Red and yellow tulips - nice, I have to admit.
But I definitely do not like the thought they're from Dr.,...Dr....I forgot his name. It's something reminding me of pasta...Something like Fusilli.
Foreman's triumphant grin almost made me sick and he was the one who had to suffer most from my crankiness today.
But he kept a stiff upper lip and took some photographs. "Because I am sure you want to remember that day", he grinned.

Here they are:

No...not my handwriting on the chalkboard.

Lecturing is fun...

Dr. Fusilli or whatever really asked me out today. And I accepted.
Hey, it's food, it's alcohol, it's the chance of humiliating a fellow doctor and it's free! I'll fill my gullet, drink several beer and then go home and look forward to tomorrow evening when Jim comes back.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Black and white photo

James took that photo yesterday evening.
He likes playing around with black and white these days and I have to admit I like the result of his efforts.
Aaah...yesterday was wonderful.
We've been to that new seafood restaurant.

A good cup of coffee for some special readers

I am generous today and splash out a big mug of coffee to each of my 'patrons',
i.e. just to mention some:
  • The unknown AOL user from the US

  • The unknown Verizon user from the US

  • My reader from New Jersey

  • My reader from Frankfurt, Germany

  • My reader from Madrid, Spain

  • My reader from London, UK

  • My reader from Union City, Ohio

  • My reader from Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • and
  • My unknown readers from Mexico, The Czech Republic and Portugal

  • Please help yourself, ladies and gentlemen

    I am fairly busy but will still tell you about Easter.
    (And that horrible week...I think.)

    Monday, April 16, 2007

    Strange obituary test...

    Monday again

    Evil, stinking and pestilent Monday.
    So I thought we all might need a cheer up, hm?
    And because I am such a nerd for British music I remembered this song:

    Friday, April 13, 2007

    Oh Lord, won't you buy me...

    ...a bunch of patience?
    I can't believe it.
    I am annoyed!
    Dr. Mason and Dr. Johnson are at Cuddy's office right now.
    Complaining about me!
    They told Foreman and Chase they'd tell Cuddy I scared them so much they were unable to do their work.
    Simply impossible!
    But there's no use in getting angry, hm?
    Let's think about something pleasant.

    James and me had four days off and took a flight to Canada.
    Yes, Canada - we spent Easter at his father's fishing hut there.
    An SUV was waiting for us at the airport and we drove up to the hut. Oh, and yes, my well-thought plan of not asking 'Are we there yet?' even once payed off. Jim was puzzled and shot me more than two slightly worried side glances.
    "Are you in pain?", he asked softly and patted my knee.
    "No?", I answered and frowned. In addition to my answer I shook my Vicodin.
    Now it was Jim's turn to furrow his brow.
    I smiled at him. "But what?"
    "You are...quiet."
    "Am I?"
    James sighed. "Well....not really quiet. are not trying to annoy me."
    I grinned. "I thought thinking about what's wrong with me could annoy you even more than the perpetual question 'are we there yet?'..."
    Another deep sigh. "Sometimes you are a closed book to me..."
    I rested my head on his shoulder and gave him a small kiss on his neck. "Most of the time an open book, hm?"
    James kissed my head and nodded.

    As we passed a supermarket I raised my head.
    "Do we have to go shopping today?"
    "Nope, babes. Mr. Brunswick will deliver everything we need to the cottage."
    I stretched, nodded and leaned back in the passenger seat.
    Another sigh made me turn my head. "Hm?"
    James looked at me fondly and just smiled. "You..."
    I raised an eyebrow. "I?"
    "You are just...sweet!"
    I could not avert blushing and beamed at him. "I'm not!", I insisted nonetheless.
    "Yes, you are...No backtalk!"
    "No lip!", Jim interrupted me and grinned.
    I grinned back. "Okay. I am."
    I switched on the radio while Jim seemed to be contented and concentrated on the street again.
    Keane sang Somewhere only we know and meanwhile we were in the middle of the woods and almost there.
    When I was humming to the song Jim suddenly stopped the car and gestured to the meadow left from the road.
    I sat up and stared at him. "Huh?!"
    "Out!", he repeated with emphasis.

    James unstrapped, got out, walked around the car, opened my door, unstrapped me and dragged me out.
    I was puzzled, stumbled outside and still stared at him. "Wha..what have I done?"
    "You are way too cute", he whispered into my ear. "And therefor I want to cuddle you over there right now!"
    With these words he softly pushed me across the street and we had a short walk through the wood and sat down on the meadow.
    I shook my head. "You really scared me, you know that?"
    Jim sniggered and put his arm around me. "I am really able to scare you?"
    "Yes", I nodded and shrugged. "I thought I made you angry somehow and you would make me walk up there."
    "Aw...babes...", Jim sighed and kissed me fondly embracing me and holding me close.
    I felt like melting away in his arms and really appreciated it when he deepened the kiss. Soon I forgot my surroundings and he turned me into a sighing and love dazed bundle which lay in his arms and could do nothing else but return his kisses.

    Both our breathing became heavy and the resolution to cuddle me here faded away. This was beginning to become much more than just cuddling - we both knew that.
    But since we were in the middle of nowhere and couldn't see the street anymore we both did not care. Jim broke the kiss for a second to catch breath and whisper "I love you" while he got rid of my jacket and started to unbutton my shirt.
    I moaned an "I love you, too" under my breath, slipped my hands underneath his jumper and took it off.
    This meant we had to interrupt our kissing - but not for long.

    I have no clue how we got completely undressed, but we got it quickly and I only noticed it when James bent over me and was carefully parting my legs with his knee. His hands caressed my hips, his eyes were dilated and my heart began to race when I felt his hot breath on my neck.
    "Mmmmh...Jim....", I managed to moan before he sealed my lips with another kiss, a very passionate one. My body promptly responded and in return I felt something hard at my hip.
    The said part of Jim's body did not remain there for long though. With an awfully slow stroke he made us become one and me gasp, groan and grunt with pleasure.
    The following hour or aeon he took me high up into the sky and I was all fluffy and dizzy in my head when we lay on the grass afterwards and he covered my chest with soft kisses.
    "We should go back to the car now", he murmured, looked up and smiled at me.
    "Uhu...", was the only thing I could answer as I watched him gathering our clothes.
    I dressed half in a trance and as soon as I slipped into my sportscoat again James grabbed my collar and drew me close.
    "You've been a bit...loud, buttercup", he grinned and kissed me.

    As if on cue someone stepped out of the wood and stared at us.
    "Oh noooo...", I thought. It was that old fart, the local tattletale.
    James took a step back and nodded to him.
    "Dr. Wilson", the old fart said and nodded back. "I thought I heard someone cry...Is everything okay with you?"
    I suppressed a giggle and turned away for some seconds.
    "Um...yes...we are both okay. And..well...we did not hear anything", James answered.
    Old fart narrowed his eyes and watched me combing some leaves out of my hair.
    "Aren't you Dr. Wilson's colleague who was here with him this winter?"
    I smirked and nodded. "Yes. I am. But I fear I do not know you, oh omniscient gossipmonger!"
    Old fart ignored that and continued to talk. "Did you just kiss him, Dr. Wilson?!"
    Jim shrugged. "Mhm. I did."
    The eyes of the old man widened. He would have much to tell this evening in the village bar. Or in a few minutes in the village store...
    I turned to him again and put on my sweetest smile ever.
    "And if you do not report us to the police, I will tell you we just had sex here."

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007


    ...I'm a bit scared when I find pictures like that on the web.
    But I have to admit it's gorgeous.
    She captured us pretty well and I wonder what's on her mind...
    See the original here:

    Good morning!

    I am not cute in the mornings.
    Although Jim never tires insisting on it.
    This is me this morning, sitting at the breakfast table.
    Not cute at all...
    The steam in the picture is the steam from our coffeecups.

    Monday, April 09, 2007


    Today's blogging belongs to L. Diane Wolfe, a talented author and good friend I know from deviantART.
    Soon her new book, Mike, will be released.

    ~*April12th is Promo Day!!!*~

    Those participating in Promo Day will receive an autographed bookmark, a picture, first chapter of Book V: Heather and a chance to help the author select her next book!

    She has outlines for two new novels - and wants her fans to determine the one they want to read next!!

    Go to the link below and order Book IV from Barnes& on April 12.

    Email the author proof of your purchase (omit credit card info!) and a mailing address for the bookmark & picture. Chapter One of Book V and synopsis of potential upcoming novel will be sent electronically.


    "MIKE is an engaging story of friendship, love and overcoming guilt caused by past mistakes. I would recommend this to older teens who may someday have to face such choices themselves."
    - Susan Eileen Walker, author of ‘The Secret of the Dance’

    "(The) series deals with the real issues facing today's society, including, but not limited to teens and young adults. It's refreshing how the author kept it real, and with no gratuitous sex and unnecessary foul language!"
    - Darlene Wofford, author of ‘Edgewise’

    "L. Diane Wolfe has reached the top of my list of well-loved authors out there. These books give readers so much more than just a new inner strength as they read how friends struggle through and work towards their dreams."
    - Linda Butler, avid fan

    "This amazing author has a talent of ‘hooking’ the reader. MIKE was totally awesome and made me weep a few times due to the drama!"
    - Emily Weppler, young avid fan

    Past mistakes can never be forgiven …

    Mike Taylor is the epitome of stability. His family is proud of his academic and athletic achievements at Georgia Tech, and despite the temptations of college life, he has maintained his moral standards. Yet beneath the peaceful surface, Mike is consumed with guilt, fearing condemnation and rejection. A former girlfriend’s abortion and the intense love he feels for his roommate’s wife constantly remind Mike of his failures. Unable to forget and full of shame, he refuses to forgive himself. When Danielle enters his life, he realizes he can no longer hide the past. Will she be able to reach him or is Mike past the point of redemption?

    Visit The Circle of Friends website -

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Playing the piano... a hotel room with hideous curtains...

    Friday, April 06, 2007

    Clinic duty at its best

    Good Lord!
    You just can't imagine how weird clinic duty can be sometimes.
    Of course I hate it.
    Those days are dreaded and I always try to avoid it somehow by all means.
    Hiding, lying, sneaking out, everything. it started all the same.
    I knew I had clinic duty until evening and tried to hide in Jim's office.
    Of course Cuddy caught me there.
    With a deep sigh I crawled out from underneath Jim's desk and went to exam room 8. The only thing lifting my spirits today was the fact that it was the last week of Foreman's and Chase's three weeks vacation.
    Dr. Mason and Dr. Johnson, their three-weeks deputyship, are a pain in the ass. They seem to be scared of me and avoid me whenever and whereever they get the chance to. Besides that they are what a talented photographer I know from deviantArt (Mr. Burnside) calls 'dumber than a box of rocks'.
    Well...I call them dumber than a slice of toast though and I am damn sure they already heard that. But it's nothing but the truth. If you have urgent testings to be done - never ever ask them.

    I don't know if they fail because they are so scared of me or if they are really just dumb and stupid morons. And you know what?
    I am not interested in it. I don't care.
    They do not have to like me or even like working for me.
    No one does.
    They are just supposed to do their work properly!

    But back to clinic duty.
    It was in the late afternoon when a guy came in.
    The first thing I noticed was his odd walk. Then there was a strange smell I could not associate.
    "I...have a problem", he said when he stood in front of me.
    I sniffed and answered "That's obvious" instead of greeting him.
    He blushed crimson red, swallowed and nodded.
    That was it for the next few minutes. He neither moved nor spoke and just stared down at his shoes.
    In the meantime I sat back in my chair and played with my cane.
    Ten minutes later I looked up at him.
    "So...anything else? Or did you just want to tell me you have a problem? At 6th floor they have excellent conversational therapy groups..."
    Odd-walk-guy shook his head.
    "N-no...I..." he sighed. "Okay!" With these words he took his trousers and underwear off and turned around.
    The smell got worse and I wrinkled my nose but could not see anything unusual.
    " should go and have a shower. But as far as I can see your ass looks perfectly normal", I told him.
    "Oh!", he said and bent forward.
    What could be seen then made me stare at it a couple of minutes.
    I tried to force down the laughter that wanted to errupt out of my mouth and blinked a few times.
    There was fishtail sticking out of his ass and now it was my turn to bend forward and examine it closer.

    "Now...don't tell me you fell on it", I smirked.
    "I...yes...I did. It was frozen, you know?"
    "Keyword: was!"
    The poor guy nodded. Little pervert...
    " unfolded a slightly sharp fin now it's in its new aggregate state?"
    Little pervert nodded again. "Y-yes...and now I can't get it out."
    "Oh, you sissy!", I exclaimed. "You shove a frozen pike into your ass and now you are too girly to get it out?"
    I took the fishtail and pulled the pike out quickly.
    "Ouuuuuuuuuuch!!!!", little pervert whined.
    "Ah, shut up!", I hissed and put the pike, which now looked slighty odd (to put it into polite words), in a plastic bag.
    Pike-in-the-ass-guy turned around with a very weird facial expression.
    "I...I am, if you think that now..."
    I raised my hands and looked at him with biiig eyes.
    "Noooooo! Of course not! You just like...pikes in your ass. That's a lot better than being gay."
    With these words I handed him the bag with the wrecked fish in it.
    "Maybe you need it for your next barbeque", I sniggered and he fled out of exam room 8 without any goodbye or thank you.

    I was not granted to ponder about this for long.
    My next patient was a boy wearing a Spiderman costume. He was accompanied by his mom and his arm stuck out in an odd angle.
    "Oh my Goodness! It's Spiderman himself!", I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand.
    His mother nodded to me and shook hands. "Hamdon. This is Chris."
    I grinned at the boy. "Now, Chris Hamdon...this is an obvious fraction of your arm. Want to tell me what happened?"
    Spiderman took off his mask and I saw a totally smeared face. Dust and tears I suppose.
    He told me he jumped off the roof and thought he could abseil like Spiderman.
    I had to think about that for a while.
    "You mean business?"
    "It's his costume!", Chris answered with a slightly offended facial expression.
    I turned to Mrs. Hamdon. "How old is your son?"
    "He just turned nine", she told me.
    "Okay, Peter Parker!", I addressed the boy. "You are nine years old and think you could abseil like Spiderman from a building just because you are wearing that costume?!"
    Not-really-Peter-Parker nodded.
    I sighed. "Mrs. and check your family history for mental aberrations..."
    Oh, I hope she won't sue me.

    When I came home Jim was already there and I smelled some gorgeous food.
    "Darling?", he yelled out of the kitchen when he heard the door.
    I limped to the kitchen door and smiled at him. "Back home finally!", I sighed and he kissed my cheek.
    "Just in time", he grinned and set the table.

    After that wonderful dinner I wanted to help him doing the dishes but he refused.
    "That can wait until tomorrow, babes", he whispered into my ear and kissed me fondly.
    "Whooooohoooooo!", I thought but he went into the bathroom and rummaged around there.
    A few minutes later he called me.
    I raised an eyebrow and followed his voice. "Hun?"
    I peeped around the corner and saw the bathroom lit by candlelight and a very inviting bathtub.
    Jim embraced me and caressed my back. "For you, my luv..."
    I did not really know what to say and believe me - the bath was wonderful. He fondled my hair while I lay in the tub, amassed my shoulders...

    Afterwards I hobbled into the bedroom and wanted to search some new clothes for the evening. I stopped at the door and just stared for a while.
    Candles everywhere!
    It looked wonderful.
    I was embraced from behind and Jim kissed my neck. "You smell like roses..."
    I had not much time to answer, he softly pushed me to the bed and made me melt through the slatted frame for the next four hours.

    Such a wonderful evening!

    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    Medical News

    Okay...not really news...
    But maybe interesting for some of you.

    Research has shown that regular (more than five times per week) masturbation can cut the risk of prostate cancer by up to a third.
    This is because regular ejaculation reduces the buildup of carconagenic deposits in sperm which can damage the cells lining the prostate. This would therefore apply also to frequent sexual intercourse.