Sunday, December 31, 2006

Rosh Hashana James would probably say.
Or just
Happy New Year!!!

My revenge was successful as you might have read at James' blog. This meant that Cuddy phoned me early in the morning to ask me if I've been here yesterday.
Of course I negated but I'm almost sure she didn't believe me. Nevertheless she already wished me a Happy New Year and fun this evening.

Well...we'll see. James talked me into celebrating this evening with Foreman and Chase. Heck knows why the dickens they asked him. Chase promised to bring some crappy horror movies and Foreman phoned me five minutes ago to tell me he'll bring a Chase survival kit which means heaps of food.
I already bought a box of pencils and will hand it to him if he asks for munchies...

I was a bit annoyed James had to go to hospital to finish some oh so important bumf as I planned a nice start into the morning. But - alas - he arose, had a cup of coffee and off he was. So I snuggled his pillow instead and fell asleep again not to wake up until 1 pm. (Apart from being disturbed by Cuddy's phone call.)

So I prepared most for the evening, cleaned the flat (yes, I really did) and read my new copy of Calvin and Hobbes. And I feel like a lovesick teenager 'cause I miss Jim so much.
I'm glad he will be here soon. I'll just have a bath now and I think he's there when I'm ready.
I still don't know if I'm looking forward to the evening as I wanted to be alone with Jim but he convinced me in a very special and satisfying way to agree.

Okay, maybe it'll be nice.
Don't tell it anybody - but I like Foreman and Chase.As long as we don't have to watch faggy movies like the Buffy Musical, Maurice (yes! Chase wanted to see that today!) or The Secret Garden...

Post Scriptum: I am shocked! Stacy owns a blog now. You can find the URL at the sidebar.
Post Scriptum II: Cuddy phoned again. Next week there's Reye's syndrome waiting for me if she described the sypmtoms right.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Not Mel Gibson.

I told them I would wait until it's almost forgotten - but of course I didn't.
Just now they thought themselves safe - besides that they'll come over to our place at New Year's Eve. So they won't expect me to do them any harm.

Soooooo wrong, my "dears"!
Never ever mess with Gregory House MD!
It's messing with GOD!!!

(Erm...James just told me I had too much Vicodin today....)

Okay....I'll tell you what I did.
I was off duty today, so were James, Chase and Foreman.
I told James I wanted to have my revenge now and went to hospital, well knowing Chase was on duty tomorrow in the forenoon and Foreman had a neurologist's meeting.

On my way to hospital I bought a box of needles, a sewing kit and a 'fart cushion' that makes noises like a fart when you sit down on it.

Arriving at my office I grabbed the scissor and made my way to Chase's office.
I looked around if no one saw me enter and closed the door.
Then I took the scissor and carefully undid the seam of his leather chair until I was able to open the seating surface. I ripped off a piece of its' sponge the size of the seating surface, put the needles into it and then put it on the chair again.
It was a bit difficult to close it again, but I managed it as I can always do what I really want to do.
Afterwards I sewed it and was just a bit sad I wasn't there tomorrow morning to hear him sit down.

Highly satisfied I left his office and hobbled down the aisle until I reached the meeting room where Foreman had his little conference tomorrow.
There it was, his seat, easily to identify by his nameplate.
I treated his chair the same way as Chase's, but put no needles in it.
Foreman got the 'fart-cushion'.
It will be so embarassing when he sits down in front of all those neurologists!

YEAH! My day is great!

Coming home

Watching you
And I'm at peace.

Looking into your eyes
And I know where my soul belongs.

Touching your skin
And I'm coming home.

Feeling your kiss
And our hearts beat as one.

Holding you
And I'm complete.

James made up for cheering and I'm soooo cuddly and feel like a melted lump.
With my heart slopping over suddenly these words came to my mind.
I feel a bit awkward about it as no one expects me to write poems and it's just the second I ever did.
But it's for you, James, and...well...I hope you won't laugh your ass off.
Silly me.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Presents and cheering again

Isn't that nice? Jim was so thoughtful to take a photograph of me lecturing today.
Just because I was so happy to make a speech today!
Canada was so wonderful and we just came back on Wednesday and yesterday evening I was already pissed off again. And it was James' fault! Why did he have to tell Cuddy I was a good lecturer? He even suggested I should speak at that congress.
He knows I hate being in public and I hate it to face so many people. I just knew there was something on his mind again. He's known as the ever so nice and caring Dr. Wilson but he can be so ill-minded!

The day started crappy and I was cranky the moment I woke up. James was really sweet and made his world famous pancakes to cheer me up but I remained grumpy and monosyllabic.
We drove to hospital and at my office there was already that friend of Dr. Marks, Ced, waiting. Why do they always hang around in my office? When I'm away, even the ducklings meet there!
"Hey, morning!", he grinned and looked as if he was high.
I just nodded, slammed my backpack to the ground and left the room again to get me some coffee. Ginger greeted me at the percolator and handed me my red mug with black coffee and sugar. I grunted and turned around, but she didn't seem to mind.
"I'm looking forward to your lecture", she said and smiled at me. "I'll be there!"
I glared at her a few seconds and went back to my office without a word.
Pity those who were in my way, they got better aquainted to my cane than they ever wanted to.
Ced was still sitting on the visitors' chair and smiled a bit dimwitted.
"What a pity you didn't hear Ed sing last night!", he beamed and I just gave him a bored glance.
"Really! He sang I feel pretty from Westside Story!"
I couldn't help the snort escaping my mouth. "I thought it was something by Duran Duran? He said so in his blog."
" was I feel pretty!"
I nodded and looked through the files on my desk. "Is there anything you want here?"
He shook his head. "No, I just wanted to say hello to you."
"Okay", I said. "You did so...Why don't you just leave now?"
Ced looked at me a bit surprised and arose from the chair. "Uh..okay...By then, cutie!"
I threw my 8ball at him but unfortunately missed his head.

The rest of the day was more than boring and I couldn't even spend my lunchbreak with James 'cause he had lunch with Debbie from the reception.
Her mother has cancer and she's always after Jim to ask him this and that. And I'm almost sure she fancies him!
That made me even more pissed off. So I had lunch with Chase and Foreman - Cameron's eyes followed us when we left and I think I heard a curse slipping out of her mouth.
When I came back a present was waiting for me on my desk. It was wrapped in pink paper with Snoppy and red glittery hearts on it and looked incredibly girlish.
The very moment I saw it I knew it was from James. I imagined him giggling his ass off wrapping the gift.

I was just beginning to unwrap it when he entered my office without knocking and locked the door. "Hey, darling!", he smiled and pointed at the gift.
"Didn't I choose just the right paper for you? I have a keen sense for your taste, eh?"
I looked up at him and tried to be grumpy but couldn't. He stood there before me with sparkling eyes and that incredible smile and made me smile, too.
"Yes, Mr. Wilson, very nice....", I grinned.
"I knew you'd like it, Dennis!", he nodded and sat down on the couch.
I continued unwrapping and was surprised to find perfume in it. It was Chanel's Egoiste and Calvin Klein's Eternity. I love them both but I think I prefer Eternity.
James drew the blinds and my thank you was a bit extended.
He kissed me fondly before he left. "Your lecture will be great, I know that!"
I just sighed and nodded. I didn't prepare anything and I didn't have the time to prepare something.

Shortly before 4 pm I went to the lecture hall and ran into Cuddy. (Okay, okay...I limped into Cuddy, right!)
"House! Where's your suit?!"
I looked down at me. "I'm dressed as usual. I didn't bring a suit."
She rolled her eyes towards heaven and shook her head. "God, House! You'll represent the PPTH today!"
I squeezed past her and pointed at her cleavage. "That will represent the PPTH. I think that's enough!"
She stood there speechless and then just followed me to the lecture hall.
I noticed many familiar faces from the last congress when I went up to the stage and saw James sitting in the first row smiling at me.
Cuddy introduced me and I began my speech.
Dr. Marks sat next to Ced a few rows behind James and was scribbling down notes as many others did, too. Ced blew a kiss to me and I chose to ignore him from now on.
Believe it or not - I was able to talk without intermezzos for about 15 minutes.
But suddenly an odd sound filled the room. James honked a stupid horn and clapped his hands.
"Yeah, Greggo!!! You rule!"
After some seconds of awkward silence roaring laughter filled the room and I went pink and hated me for this. James raised his thumbs and nodded encouragingly - I couldn't help sticking out my tongue at him and saw Cuddy burying her face in her hands.
The laughter ebbed away and I continued as if nothing ever happened. Dr. Marks looked like wetting his pants and there were many amused but interested faces.
10 minutes later after a very important sentence James honked the horn again and swung his well-known rattle.
"AWESOME! Goooooooo, Greggo, goooooo!!!"
Others were joining him and soon the hall was filled with "You rule!" and "Go, Greggo!"
God, I felt awful!
I stood still and stared at the audience when red Snoopy boxers flew to the stage and James raised a sign reading "You rule! Please have wild sex with me!"
Cuddy nearly fainted and I could just shake my head with disbelief, but the audience seemed to like that incident and the hall was roaring with laughter again. least my speech was memorable...
I took a deep breath and continued what silenced them.
The last 20 minutes passed without intermezzos again and when I finished there was frenetic applause and a teddy hit my head.
Tease!, I thought and pointed at James with my cane.
"You! Now! At my office!", I spoke into the microphone and left the stage taking the teddy and the boxers with as much dignity as I could gather.

Our discussion was very interesting and he promised me to make up for it this evening.
Well, I'm really looking forward to this.

After work we went shopping for New Year's Eve already and Chase asked if he could join us.
It was strange but fun and I enjoyed annoying him at the mall. Especially when I spotted Australian wine called Yellow Tail. God, I laughed my ass off. He was really not amused.
When we passed by the toys I stopped at the toy bikes and grabbed his arm.
"Will you buy me one? Pleeeeze?", I asked puppy-eyed.
You can't imagine his glance.
Gosh, I really had fun.

Lecturing at the congress

Do you know there's a congress at PPTH?
So do I. Dr. Marks is here because of this and we outdrank him last night after he arrived here.
Chase put a post-it on his forehead and James scribbled on it what happened.
But I idn't know I had to lecture at this damn congress!
James just told me.
I went to Cuddy and she told me I had to deliver an address on differantial diagnosis because James told her I was such a good lecturer!
It's 1.37 am now and I'll have to lecture today!!!
Nice! than wonderful was the evening I spent with James. It was packed with emotions and I'm still dizzy and love dazed.
I just hope he won't get angry when he spots what I scribbled underneath the wound on his neck....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Banned from deviantArt

Sad but true.
They banned me and I'm sad, confused and...yes....pissed about it.
It was because of a drawing.

They told me it was copyright infringement and now I'm puzzled if I'll ever be able to upload drawings there again which are based on a reference photo...

....if I'll ever be able to get my account back.

EDIT: Well, now I know why. It made the impression of an altered phtograph to them, therefore they deleted it and banned me.
I wrote to them again and hope the best to get my account back again. But I don't think so. This is really a pity 'cause I like the community.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

♥ Photoshow ♥

Hehe...these silly hearts...
I found a blog where Lisa Cuddy blogs in German.
Isn't that weird?
Well...she showed photos of her and Stacy...with monster cleavages!
They visited a professional photographer at Las Vegas and those were the results.

We didn't visit a photographer - we took these pictures ourselves.

Here's Jim - soooo beautiful he is:

This is me. (Oh, really?) Yes, I need to shave:

And guess what? We found photos of Jim in his teens.

Isn't he cute?

Well...Jim urged me to show these, too.

Is that really me? Noooooo!

Erm...and this is me at some crappy Christmas event at the hospital I was working when I met Jim. But it's before I met him. Dressing up is so much fun!

You can tell how much fun I have, hm?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas dinner with the Brunswicks - Part II

Haaaaah, James joined me in to hot bath and my mood is mile high.

But I stopped at the dinner, didn't I?
I was still giggling and snorting when we arrived at the mayor's house.
"Greeeeg - take a brace!", James said but smiled at me.
"Okaaaay", I said and tried hard. Finally I was able to pull myself up and we stepped out of the car.
When we approached the door James put his arm around my shoulders which made me feel bodacious. "I hope Finn will open the door", he whispered into my ear. "So he'll see again you belong to me!"
I grinned. "I have no objections to show them all the entire evening to whom I belong...."
James smiled at me fondly. "Well...why not? You're my husband, so I can kiss and cuddle you whenever I want!"
"Yes! And don't forget your voucher!", I smirked.
"How could I?", he sighed and placed a kiss on my cheek.
This was the moment Mary opened the door.
"Aaaaaw!", she exclaimed. "Sooooo sweet!" Then she hugged us both with one big hug. "Merry Christmas, Jim and Greg!"
Jim returned the hug and I just stood still. "Merry Christmas, Mary!", he said.
"Um...yes...Merry Christmas", I added.
"Was that too affectionate for you?", Mary winked at me and I just grunted.
James nudged my side and grinned. "Grumpy old man, hm?"
I stuck out my tongue at him and grinned. "Sorry. I'll try to behave..."
We entered the hallway and Mary took our coats.
"Sorry", I mumbled when I passed her by and followed Jim into the sitting room.
She just giggled and nodded. "He really has a handle on you..."
Yes, he has, I thought but prefered not to answer.

Finn hurried into the living room and waved to us. "I thought I heard the door bell. There you are. Whoohoo, you two look magnificent!" Then he took the few steps to us and beamed a "Merry Christmas!". "Merry Christmas, Finn", James said and was hugged by him. When he tried to hug me I offered him my hand. "Merry Christmas, Finn", I grinned.
I didn't think he'd ignore my hand - but he did and hugged me for ages. James frowned and I was released when Mr. Brunswick approached us and patted Jim's shoulder. "JIM! So good to see you again! Merry Christmas!"
I was horrorstricken when he nudged my shoulder and nearly pinned me to the wall by doing so. His pat on my shoulder almost nailed me into the ground and I leaned hard on my cane when I finally found the voice to reply and told him "Merry Christmas!"
"You made a wise decision, Jim!", Mr. Brunswick roared. "At first it was a bit strange to me, but your husband's a fetching guy and when I see you two together seem to belong."
"Indeed you do", Mrs. Brunswick said, hugged us both and wished us a Merry Christmas. I felt a bit awkward but this vanished when James put his arm around my shoulders once again. Yes, I belong to him. And those were his friends so there was no reason to feel uncomfortable just because they showed they liked me.

Mrs. Brunswick handed everyone a glass of Sherry and we said Cheers! I could already smell that they had Single Malt but thought it would not be wise to tell James. He's always a bit irritated when he notices I smell pills and certain beverages. Then there was another gorgeous smell - the smell of great food.
Mrs. Brunswick guided us to the table and Finn's eyes followed me with a wistful look. Yes, he's nice and I think I really like him but I wasn't contented he sat down vis-à-vis to me. His glances annoy me after a while and I took Jim's hand when he sat down next to me.
James smiled and squeezed my hand slightly. "I love you", he formed with his lips and there it was again - my foolish and love dazed smile. He looked into my eyes, I leaned a bit forward and hoped he wouldn't resist.
Well, he didn't. The others were just sitting down when he bent forward and kissed me fondly. I sighed when we parted and felt everyone's eyes on us. "Right!", Mr. Brunswick said and poured the wine. Then he raised his glass and said "To our newly wed couple!"
We both blushed - but hey - they were right. We are relatively newly wed, although sometimes it seems to me as if I was with him much longer - just because we know each other for such a long time. And if I'm honest to myself I have to admit I love him for such a long time now.
"To our newly wed couple!", the others replied and everyone raised their glasses. I blushed, I'm not really good at such things.
Finn's chin rested on his hands and he looked at me with a weird expression. Then he turned to James and sighed. "You're so lucky! I'm happy for you."
James raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Yes, I am."

The dinner was wonderful and mustard-spices salmon filets were the entree. Mr. Brunswick drowned us in blue chips red wine and in the background the inevitable Christmas music was playing. But yes, I started to like this evening. I liked the Brunswicks and I was with my beloved husband. What more do I want?
Between entree and main course (Turkey! What else?) James and me stepped out of the balcony with a cigar and a glass of wine.
"You are so loveable", Jim sighed. "And they really enjoy your company and your conversation."
"Well", I grinned. "That's new to me. I'm not used to being liked. I'm sure it's because I'm here with you. You take out the best of me..."
I drew him close and rested my chin on his shoulder.
" are loveable. But most of the time you are ever so busy hiding this from other people than me."
"No one except you needs to know me to the bone", I said and kissed his neck. James shivered slightly and in the background we heard All I want for Christmas is you.
"So true", Jim said and took my glass and my cigar away. Then he suddenly pinned me to the wall and kissed me full of passion.
I returned the kiss and felt the heat rise in me. "Hrrrrmmmmmmm", I purred and held him close. "James....", was everything I was able to whisper.
Jim's hands slid underneath my turtleneck jersey and under my shirt and I sighed when he touched my skin. I was about to forget my surroundings and pull him down with me when we heard someone clearing his throat.
It was Finn. "Hey there, you two...", he began and we stopped snogging but still held each other close. My heart was racing and I despereately wanted to be alone with him.
"Hey, Finn", Jim grinned and I just nodded.
We talked a while outside and Mary joined us, too, but we remained as we were - holding each other close. (And Jim's hands still underneath my jumper slightly caressing my skin and giving me heebie-jeebies.)
Mr. Brunswick stepped out to announce that the turkey was ready and we all came in again.

It was delicious! And the dessert, too. It was my favorite fudge cake!
The conversation was funny, nice and pleasant and there were loads of alcohol which caused us all to giggle and be silly. It was a long evening and we sat there talking until 3 am, giggling, laughing and having fun. I was surprised how easy that was for me and that they really seem to like me.

At about 3 am the others went to their rooms and James and me stayed at a guestroom with a sleeper. Mrs. Brunswick already prepared it and it was cosy and cuddly. We all had one over the eight and I was giggling when I fought with my pajama and tried to put it on.
Suddenly James embraced me from behind and slightly bit my neck. I sighed deeply and he whispered into my ear "No need to put them on...."
Of course I noticed he was naked and all over sudden I felt sober but...erm....well. You know what.
He softly guided me to the sleeper, we laid down and he removed my boxers with one smooth movement. He was on his way to turn me into that helpless bundle of passion again and I was already panting under his touches. I moaned when his warm body slid onto mine and for a while nothing else could be heared than the rustling of the sheets, kissing and hard breathing. I sighed deeply when he kissed my chest and licked my nipples. He looked up.
"And now I'd like to convert my voucher. I want to use my property!"
We looked into each other's eyes for quite a while and it felt like drowning in those amber depths. "Anytime you want", I whispered. "It said so on your voucher..."
"I want you so much", he whispered hoarsely and lifted my hips a bit.
I swallowed and was already burning. Why didn't he just take me? Why was he waiting and just looking at me? This was like torture and I could not bear this any longer.
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze!", I said and gazed at him with widened pupils.
"Please what?", he smiled tenderly.
"Take me...", I moaned silently and as if he just had waited for this plea he made our bodies become one.
I moaned out loud and clutched my fingers to his shoulders. "Shhhhhh...", he said. "Maybe they'll hear us..."
I nodded with closed eyes but to be honest I didn't give a shit to that. I felt miles away, our bodies slowly moving together, his hands and lips touching my skin and making me melt into the blankets.
"I love you", he whispered close to my ear and sucked my earlobe.
"Aaaaaw", I launched out and tensed my muscles which made him scream with passion.
"YES!", he exclaimed and suddenly he himself didn't sem to care if anyone heard us.
He moved deep and slow and almost drove me mad.
"Quicker, pleeeeeeze", I was pleading and he fulfilled my wish with pleasure. He made me sigh, scream, moan and squirm and I just could not get enough of him.
I don't know how often we started the whole thing again and again and again and always shortly afterwards I moved again and said "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!"
"God, Greg!", Jim panted. "Are you some kind of aphrodisiac?"
My reply was grabbing his sweet little ass and whatever he wanted to say was swallowed by his moan.
It must have been around 6 am when suddenly there was a WHAMMMMMM!! and I noticed I was deeper to the ground than before. But it was around 7 am, when we laid there entangled in each other and trying to catch breath and Jim said "No! We ruined the sleeper! It totally broke down!"
I forced myself to stop snuggling to him and looked around.
"Rats! You're right!"

It was really funny how we tried to explain what happened when whe had a very late breakfast with the Brunswick family...

Christmas dinner with the Brunswicks - Part I

(Happy Boxing Day to my British readers!)

We're here again.
We spent the night at the Brunswicks' place and now it's fucking cold up here. (Ooops...did I just say that?)
Jim's lighting a fire at the fireplace and I'll prepare a hot bath (and hope he'll join me there...) after writing that entry.
I already percolated coffee and there's tracery on the frosted windows. This looks so cosy and fascinating...I'd love to spend the whole week here.
We had such a wonderful Christmas Eve up here - maybe I'll tell you about it later if James doesn't.

Yesterday morning it was time to hand us the other presents...
I felt a bit awkward because I'm so fluffy of time. But I can't help it. Jim just melts me to a helpless and lovesick bundle and I have the oddest thoughts and ideas when I'm with him. So I had a voucher for him. I hid it in Cyrus' trousers and placed him on Jim's lap.
"Okay, hun...this is a bit like searching for eastereggs...Where's your present?", I grinned at him.
He frowned and looked at Cyrus. "Hm?"
"I promise you won't have to dowse", I smiled.
"I don't even have a dowsing rod", James snickered and examined the ugly teddybear.
"Rats!", I exclaimed. "It was a doodlebug I wanted to give to you first!"
James looked up and faked a pout. "Aw, nooooo! Now I'm disappointed! Don't tell me I won't get a dowser!"
I sighed and sat down next to him. "Nope. I'm so sorry, hun. But...", I leaned to him and whispered into his ear, "...I thought you already have a nice rod and you definitley know how to use it!"
James couldn't help blushing. "GREG!", he exclaimed and laughed out loud.
I shrugged. "Hey...this is just true."
Jim looked at me and swallowed. "Gawd...and when I see the way you look at me now I'd like to use it on you hey presto!"
"Hrm...", I began and looked deep into his eyes. "Just look for your present and I'm sure you'll know my answer then...."
He stared at me for a few seconds and hurried to find the present then.
"Ah!", he said when he found the envelope.
I felt awkward again and blushed as he opened it.

It was a voucher and it read:
Voucher for the possession of Gregory House.
He's yours for the rest of his life.
Deal with him however you like, "use" him whenever you want - just act with consideration most of the time.
He's a bit battered and in the bobo at his leg but as good as new when he's with you.

This voucher is valid from now on and does not expire.

James stared at the voucher and I didn't dare to look at him, so I just stared at it, too until I noticed a drop falling down on it and blurring the word 'whenever'. Jim sniffed and swallowed hard when I looked up.
"Greg...", he began hoarsely, ""
I shifted uncomfortably on the sofa and played with my mug.
"Oh I love you", he whispered and looked at me with an expression that made my heart stop for a few seconds. All over sudden he flung his arms around my neck and nearly suffocated me with his mad hugging.
I dropped my mug - it was empty - and was pushed into the cushions.
"There is nothing else I could think of I want so badly", he said and bent down to kiss me which caused me to go "Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm".
"I love it when you do that", he panted into my ear and I felt dizzy.
"May I unwrap my present now?", he whispered and grinned at me.
I could just nod and stammer "W...Whatever you w..want...."

Well, we spent the whole morning, forenoon, noon and afternoon on the sofa and changed to the bedroom after a while.
It was around 5 pm when Jim stretched lazily (I always become...No, I won't tell you what this sight does with me) and looked out of the window.
"Geez, darling, it's already dark again outside!"
I snuggled to his side and just mumbled a "Mhmmmmmmm".
He put his arm around me and kissed my head. "God, Greg...You're always so fragrant somehow. I could stay like this with you for ages....", he said with a deep sigh.
I smiled, kissed his side and snuggled even closer to him. "I'm game", I mumbled and closed my eyes.
"I could", he repeated. "But we can't!"
"Hm?", was my only response.
"We are supposed to show up for dinner at 6.30 pm. Now it's already 10 minutes past five. We'll have to stand up now, have a shower, dress, gather our things for the night...."
"Mnm", I answered and pouted. "I know."
He patted my head. "Up up, my love!", and he arose. "And don't join me under the shower. I don't want to be late", he added and pointed at me.
I grinned, stretched and nodded. "Okay. I'll be a good boy now!"
"I like you naughty as well", James replied with a broad grin and the sight of him approaching the door was more than nice.

While he showered I gathered my things for the night and thought about what to wear this evening. I decided to wear an anthracite turtleneck jersey, black corduroy slacks and a black sportscoat.
So I dressed with these clothes after having a shower and entered the living room afterwards. James stood at the fireplace watching the flames and looked magnificent. He wore a dark brown shirt and a black tie, black trousers and shiny black shoes.
I whistled through my teeth and smiled at him as he turned to me.
His face brightened up and he drew me close to kiss me. "You look so gooooood", he smiled and I replied "Not as good as you!"
He looked down to my shoes.
"Right!", he said and shook his head. "You told me you'd be a good boy. But what do I see, hm?"
I looked blank. "Eh?"
He looked me straight and firm into the eyes. "No! I won't leave the house with you like that on Christmas Day!", he said and put his hands on his hips.
I took a step back. "What...?" I looked down but couldn't see anything strange.
"Aw, c'mon, be nice, hun!", he exclaimed and grinned broadly.
"But..what do you mean?", I asked and looked at him puzzled.
He pointed at my shoes.
I shrugged. "But...they're black!"
"Black or not - they're still sneakers. And my husband doesn't wear sneakers at Christmas!"
"Does he not?", I asked.
"No, he does not", James insisted.
So I toddled off and put on black leather shoes.

"Good boy!", James grinned when I came back.
I stuck out my tongue at him and he again flung his arms around my neck.
"Mo'adim Lesimkha. Chena tova", he said and kissed me again.
I melted away under his kiss and drew him closer.
Can't we just stay here?, I thought.
But showing off my Mandarin I replied "Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan!"
"Whatever you say", James grinned, put on his black coat and fetched the keys.
I slipped into my black cord coat and off we went.

It was snowing and James had to concentrate hard on our way to the village so I just sat there and said nothing at all but humming along the Christmas tunes they played on the radio. Five minutes later James suddenly stopped and looked at me.
I looked up puzzled.
"You are so cute!", he exclaimed and yelled "Cuddle attaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"
I nearly laughed my ass off under his cuddle attack which lasted a few minutes.
Then he drove on as if nothing ever happened and looked earnestly out on the street. I kept at giggling the whole way - you can imagine that.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Police is paying a visit

Hey, dear readers, it's me again, "Greggo" as Daniel likes to call me when he doesn't use the words limpy or cripple....
Jim's asleep so I checked my emails and thought about giving you another sign of life here.
Aw, it's really cosy up here and the small Christmas tree was a nice idea.
I'm sitting at the fireplace right now having a hot chocolate ("pimped" with rum) and listening to that awesome Christmas CD Silent Night: A Christmas in Rome by Paddy Moloney.
I'm wearing a beige turtleneck and black corduroys which is really comfortable and watch the snowflakes dancing outside the window.
I think I'll soon wake up James and then we'll prepare everything for a cosy Christmas Eve.

15 minutes ago Finn came here with his snow mobile.
I opened the door at his knock and he just stood there staring at me. This is always so odd. I raised an eyebrow and he swallowed. "Whoo, Greg...erm...hello!"
I nodded. "Hi, Finn..."
He said nothing and just gazed at me.
"Want to come in?", I asked him but he shook his head.
"No...I just wanted to give you this for tonight", he said and handed me two bottles of mulled wine.
"Oh!", I replied. "Thanks!", and put the bottles aside.
"My...", he began. " look...fetching!"
Heck, why don't you just stop it?
I thumped my cane to the ground. "Well...thank you..."
He shrugged and sighed. "Oh, I wish..."
I didn't want to know what he wished so I didn't ask him to continue his sentence.
"Erm, and I wanted to invite you to dinner tomorrow. At my parent's place. We'll all be there and my father would love to have you two with us."
Christmas dinner with the Brunswicks sounded good. "Nice...thank you", I smiled and watched him blush.
"Yes", he continued, "we'll have a turkey. And at least one of my wishes is coming true now tomorrow..."
"Eh?", I asked and raised an eyebrow again.
"Um...I'm just happy with you at Christmas."
I thought to better not reply to that and just looked at him.
"Erm...and bring your things...It will be snowy tomorrow and maybe you'll have to stay for the night."
"Okay, we'll do that", I answered.
Suddenly he raised his hand and put a mistletoe above my head. With a broad grin he approached me but I took two steps back. "Don't you dare...", I began and he blushed deeply.
"That was just a joke."
"Yes, I think so!"
" I'll see you tomorrow. Have a nice evening, you two."
I nodded and smiled. "We will."

When he left I curled up on the sofa with my hot chocolate and began to write that entry. James is still asleep - he seems to be a bit exhausted 'cause I asked him Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze so often and we also had a very pleasant walk in the snow.

I'll wake him now, my beloved cuddly-wuddly...
But first I want to show you this picture I spotted at deviant Art:

You can see the original here and it belongs to (He's just so right with his name!)

Sometimes it's scary and I really wonder how they get all these pictures.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Amidst the snow

Just a small sign of life....
We have arrived here yesterday in the afternoon and it's so cosy here I cannot describe it.
We are already snowed in again but Mr. Brunswick provided us with everything we need.
And besides that - I'm here with James. What more do I need?

He's nestling cross-legged at the sofa in front of the fireplace, a glass of Single Malt standing on the table before him and reading Lord Byron. God...he looks awesome!
The reverberation of the fire playing on his face, hair slightly deranged and in his cuddly Irish jumper with worn-out jeans and wool socks.
I think I'll join him now and convince him to stop reading.
There are more pleasant things on my mind now.

Apropos pleasant things - he really arranged our arrival here more than wonderful. I'm all cuddly and clingy again.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

We're off now.
I don't know when we'll be back and when I'll write again - so have some wonderful days with your friends and families.

Can't wait to arrive at the cottage.

Being honest and frank with everyone - thanks to Sodium Pentothal

Mood: hug meeeeeeee!
Weather: clear, calm and cold
Eating: French Toast
Drinking: coffee

We're going to Canada today!
Aw, I'm happy!

And I'm so relieved everything turned out to be good yesterday.
As you may have read in Jim's blog, it was him who made me this deranged...
And I was really upfront with everyone I met after those few drops of Sodium Pentothal.
Not that I'm not frank any other time - but this was different.

"My, you're fat!", I exclaimed when we stepped out of James' office on our way home. I spotted a really fat patient as you might have guessed.
And I don't know what James asked me yesterday.
Well, he asked me a lot and he seems highly pleased and happy today.
Well, so am I!
I'm really looking forward to these days just with Jim, my cuddly-wuddly...

But he seems to be highly pleased with the things I told him but he won't tell me what he asked me.
If it makes him that happy I am contented.
Every now and then he hugs, cuddles and kisses me and tells me things like "You are so cute!", "Oh, I love you!" and "CUDDLE ATTAAAAAAAAAAACK!"
It's just...wonderful.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

If you're in need of a cheer-up, too

...try listening to that song:

The video is daft and doesn't belong to the close your eyes and listen.

Barbiturates and a peck of trouble with James

Mood: angry and close to tears
Drinking: coffee with scotch (psh!)
Eating: cookies
Listening to: Via con me - Paolo Conte

This song always cheers me up.
But not today.
Jim refuses to talk to me.
He seems not to believe I was here the whole night and simply fell asleep.
Of course I didn't answer my phone.
My cellphone's battery wasn't charged and I was sound asleep - so I didn't hear my phone at office.

So I read this morning that James was worried - of course he was and I feel awful because of this. Foreman told him there was no new case and he wasn't beeped to hospital.
Of course not. I couldn't, 'cause I almost immediately fell asleep after my coffee and this morning I discovered that there really is no new case.
And to add a few highlights to this whole disaster I still feel drowsy.
My head still hurts,
my leg still hurts,
my back still hurts and
my neck still hurts.

And I'm really not able to stand this icy atmosphere between James and me. I don't know what he thinks I did. Well...I...
I hope and pray he doesn't think I two-timed him. Of course his friend Daniel Geinen already told him the crudest stories where he wants to have spotted me. God, I hate this dude. He's such an asswipe!
And good Lord...I miss James. I didn't see much of him yesterday and today and I'm just longing for his presence.
When I call he doesn't pick up the phone or immediately hangs up. He locked his office and he refuses to talk to me.

I think he doesn't believe I was drugged.
Maybe I should show him the results of my blood tests this morning.
If I could get hold of the person who put barbiturates into the coffee I'm not sure what I'd do.
I'm too drowsy to think properly and I wonder why I wore my shirt inside out when I awoke this morning on the sofa at my office.
And I have the impression I talked to someone last night but can't remember who it was. Maybe it was just a dream 'cause I'm almost sure someone said "It's me, hun, James..."
And it wasn't James. James was at home. Waiting for me and getting drunk.

Half an hour ago I sat at my desk rubbing my face when there was a knock at the door. Unfortunately it wasn't James. It was that wacko Dr. Murdock who came in with a broad grin on his face.
"Hey, Greg, how do you feel?"
"I'm Dr. House to you and I feel crappy!", I snapped and downed my coffee.
He smiled. "Ah, I know I an call you Gregory. I'm sorry you feel bad..."
I shrugged. "It's not your fault, is it?"
He just looked out of the window behind me and I began to lose my temper.
"What do you want?!"
"Er...nothing...I just wanted to see how you feel."
He kept at beaming and annoying me. "You seem to be rather pleased", I gnarled and covered my face with my hands.
He chuckled quietly. "Yes...I had a very pleasant evening."
"Then go and spread your high spirits elsewhere!", I snapped.
He stared at me a few seconds and then left. He's such a creep.

After he left I arose and looked over the small wall and spotted James sitting at his desk flipping through a file with a frown on his beautiful face.
"Huuuuuun?", I shouted and he closed the blinds.
So much to that.
I think I'll ask Foreman for Sodium Pentothal. Thiopental is still used in some places as a truth serum. The barbiturate drugs as a class decrease higher cortical brain functioning. Psychiatrists hypothesize that because lying is more complex than the truth, suppression of the higher cortical functions may lead to the uncovering of the "truth" since the "truth" would theoretically be less complex.

So...I'll place some drops in my coffee cup right in front of him and he then may ask me whatever he wants.

Horrible night

I feel awful!
My back hurts,
my leg hurts,
my neck hurts,
my head hurts.

I was called to PPTH once again yesterday evening and I didn't see anything of James the other day 'cause he was still at the mall when I had to leave.

When I arrived at my office, there was already coffee waiting for me - I have no clue who left it there.
So I thought "Hey, why not first have that coffee and then flip through the file and call the ducklings?"
A few minutes after I had the coffee I fell asleep on my chair.

I awoke slightly deranged, rubbed my face and had another coffee from the same can which made me curl up on my sofa where I awoke around 5am this morning.

I'm almost sure I was drugged.
Some sick-minded person put barbiturates into the coffee, I had my blood tested half an hour ago!
Must be the same person who beeped me to PPTH.

I'm pissed off because I know by now that someone's trying to drive a wedge between Jim and me. I don't want to think about his mood and how he waited for me yesterday evening.
I think I should get a new beeper or just ignore it's calls the next days.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

James is not amused...

Mood: anxious
Drinking: coffee again
Listening to: Ginger Snaps Theme

I flutter.
I don't know what James thinks what I did.
I was here all through the night.
When they called me for the first time, I just sent him a message to his mobile telling him I'm here and that I'll be home later.
Well, I was. I came home around 1 am - Jim was sound asleep.
He looked so cute and cuddly, I didn't want to disturb him so I just laid down beside him and fell asleep.
Until my beeper woke me up again at about 2:30 am and I had to leave for PPTH once more.
I left a note at the kitchen table telling him not to be worried and I had to leave for hospital once again.
He now told me I should have phoned him and asked why I wasn't at home when he looked for me around 4 am in the morning. He says there is no short message and no note...I can't explain that to myself 'cause I know I sent the text and left the note.
Now he's pissed off and says no more to me than what is absolutely necessary.

I think I'll visit him at his office now.
I flutter,
I feel cuddly and
I love and
I need him.

And I'm sure we'll find my note when we come home this evening.
Gawd...I can't tell you what I feel like right now...
Maybe Jim understands when I just say Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze!

Wednesday and it feels like Friday

Mood: tired
Weather: sunny, 42°F
Drinking: coffee

Lord, I'm tired!
I could go back to bed now, curl up and immediately fall asleep again.
Somehow I feel exhausted.
Hm...well...okay...there might be a reason for this...
We had a more than pleasant afternoon, evening and night and I become all cuddly and affectionate when I remember it.
Okay...the night was pleasant until my beeper called me to PPTH...

I'm curious if I'll find out today who that jerk was who put the mistletoes on our door frames.
And I think that dude with Alice in Wonderland syndrome will make my day. I should ask if he'd like to have tea with the white rabbit. (No, I'm not mean!)

When I was waiting for some test results this night, it came to my mind to send a Christmas card to Jim's abominable friend Daniel. He keeps calling me limpy, cripple and so on and I have to admit I really hate him. He's always trying to drive a wedge between Jim and me with stupid stories and hints and I think he's a douchebag. (Sorry for being vulgar.)
So I put talcum powder in an envelope, addressed it to him and included a card Merry anthraX-mas!

I hope Jim will not be too pissed off about it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Mood: pissed off
Drinking: coffee with Scotch

This is sooooooo funny!
Some barmpot put a mistletoe at the door frame to my office!

I swear, if anyone else now dares to put his/her sticky lips on my I'll run amok!
Danby, Chase and Dr. Murdock already did!
Yes, Dr. Murdock's here!

It took a while until I noticed the mistletoe and I immediately discarded it.


Delirious and drugged

Mood: dizzy...and hangoverish
Weather: who cares today?
Drinking: black coffee with sugar
Eating: nothing...can't eat anything at all

Good Lord!
What a day!
Mondays are so evil.

I was really convinced I was not stoned after swallowing the first two real Vicodin of that day. I felt excellent when the pain vanished and not dizzy at all.
So I insisted to talk to that guy with that strange disorienting neurological condition but James took me out of here.

"We're going home now, hun", he said and put his arm around my waist guiding me out of PPTH.
I freed myself and walked along the curbstone. "Nooooo! Look, I'm not stoned!", I grinned.
James looked up into the sky and sighed. "No...of course not..."
"See?", I nodded and turned around heading for the entrance again. "I want to figure out what that strange dude has..."
"Gregory!", James said with emphasis and I looked at him.
He waved with a cane and I frowned. Where did he get that?
"Your cane..."
"What cane?", I asked puzzled.
"This cane!"
I examined it. "It's not red and white..."
James lifted an eyebrow. "No. It's brown."
I was knitting my brows. "Hmmmm....but candy canes are red and white. And this one's much too large..."
With these words I turned around and ran into PPTH's lobby.

"HOUSE!", James yelled and ran after me.
I escaped and stopped in front of the reception desk - Cuddy and everyone else in the lobby who knew me staring at me.
I turned to James who had his arm around my shoulders by then and whispered "See that? They're all staring at me...this is...strange. As if I was some kind of monster..."
James sighed deeply. "They are staring at you 'cause you ran here without your cane, luv.."
Why was he calling me luv, hun and darling the whole time?
My heart was hopping in my chest because of this but I didn't quite understand it.
(My perception of time was ruined, I think. I thought he was married to his first wife Susan and wasn't aware of the fact I needed my cane.)
I frowned again. "Cane? are the candy canes..." And I pointed at the bowl on the desk.
James tried to drag me out. "Yes...there they are...", and smiled excusingly to Debbie at the reception.
"But I want one!", I insisted. "Can I have one?"
James grabbed the bowl and handed it to me. "Here you are! And now - let's go!"
I smiled and took the bowl. "Okay!" I hopped out of PPTH and James followed me watching me carefully.

On our way to his car he put his arm around my waist again. "I wish you'd take your cane..."
I grinned and sucked on a candy cane. "But shee? I do!"
We could already see his car and I wondered where mine was. "Now we're going home, darling", he said, followed by a sharp "Greg! Don' that in public!"
"Uh?", I asked, the candy cane still in my mouth.
"You...", he began, "you...touched my....petsl!"
I snickered. "Oooops! I didn't want to, shorryyyy!!!"
James snorted and guided me to the car.
"I don't want to go home!", I griped.
"Since when don't you want to go home?!"
I shrugged. "I'll be all alone there...I don't want to be alone now..."
James puzzled me with a very tender glance. "But you won't be alone, hun. I'll be with you."
"You will?" I asked with big round eyes.
James nodded. "And now go into the car!"
He opened the door for me and I sat down. James immediately fastened my seatbelt as if he feared I could run away once more.

On the drive home I asked him "Are you sure Susan won't be pissed if you take me home?"
He stared at me. " won't."
I nodded and looked out of the window.

"But that's my place!", I said when we arrived.
"'m taking you to your place."
I hopped up the stairs. "Oh no....Shoot! I forgot my keys at my office!"
James opened the door without a word.
" took them!", I smiled and went in.
At the sofa I stumbled and was worried 'cause my leg felt odd. (Of course it did. But I wasn't aware of the fact my muscle was almost totally missing.)
"Just sit down, I'll percolate some coffee", James said and smiled at me.
I nodded and dropped on the sofa. "Coffee's in the cupboard above the sink..."

"Wilson?", I asked over my shoulder.
"Erm...Greg?", he answered.
"Will you stay here for a while?"
He smiled and nodded. "As long as you want me to."
I beamed at him and was still worried Susan could be pissed.
Oh my God, I thought, you love him...Never ever tell him anything about it.

Well....I think I cost him some nerves. And I would write more but we have to go now. PPTH is awaiting us...
I think I'll write more when I'm home again. If James doesn't.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mondays suck!

Mondays are still evil.
Mondays still suck.
Mondays should still be abolished.

Mood: pained
Weather: who cares for the fucking weather?!
Eating: my 10th and 11th Vicodin today
Drinking: black coffee with sugar
Listening to: my fist thumping the desk

I'm trying to distract myself by writing right now.
Ooooh, you didn't think that?
Yes, I'm writing. Otherwise you couldn't read this post now...

It's Monday and Mondays suck. Still one hour left until lunch and this Monday sucks at heart. The weekend was quite nice and cuddly, but poor honey-toast suffered from migraine yesterday. I took care of him and we spent a snuggling and lazy Sunday on the sofa drinking tea (Jim), coffee (me) and Single Malt (me). In the evening he lit the third candle at the chanukkiyah and it was oh so cosy.
I'm glad he's feeling better today - he's a bit dizzy but at work.

Friday night was ineffably wonderful by the way. I was on tenterhooks and couldn't wait to give him his Hanukkah present, the 1640 Shakespeare edition. Oh my God, it was really just the right thing for him. He still cradles it in his hands, carefully turns the sides and beams at it (and me). The very sight of this makes me... slopping over with joy.

And it wasn't Jim alone who got a present. He had something for me, too. I still can't believe it.
I carefully opened the envelope and spotted two tickets to California and two tickets for one of the greatest motor cycle show ever. VIP tickets! I was gawking at the tickets, staring at Jim, gawking at the tickets again and still couldn't believe. The Teutuls will be there and we will have the opportunity to see there bikes! To touch their bikes! Oh my God!
"How...", I began and looked up.
James smiled at me.
"How...did you manage to get these?", I finally asked.
He shrugged. "I tried...and I got them..."
A sigh slipped out of my mouth and I hugged him madly.
James giggled and as he already told you our thankyous were a bit extended.
(And you just have to read about Jojo's present!!!)

Um...we thanked each other until...erm...4 am and then slept until noon.
Our breakfast started really nice, cosy, cuddly and with Jim's divine pancakes. But, alas, it was disturbed by stupid phone calls. Loads and heaps of stupid phone calls.
My cell went off and it was - guess who - Dr. Murdock! Isn't that nice? He's attending another congress at - d'oh - Princeton and threatened to drop by.
Cell again and it was Finn. When will we arrive at the cottage? It's not your business, okay???
Phone and it was Ruth. Happy Hanukkah.
Phone again and it was my mom. Happy Hanukkah to James.
Cell again and it was Foreman. Where's his black mug? I know I'm divine. But I have no clue where he put his fucking mug.
Phone again - Jim's sis. Happy Hanukkah.
Another call on my mobile, number hidden, no one talking. Nice!
This call was followed by five of the same kind, so I switched my mobile off.
I was slightly pissed by then.

My mood changed for the worse when Cuddy called us and we had to go to PPTH. Great! We actually had a day off!
James had to help Danby. Poor bugger, can't solve his cases alone!
I had to help Foreman as Cameron had her precious day off. (And I was more than pissed about the fact they didn't call her!) I found his black mug under my desk. Don't ask me why it was there, it was kinda weird.
Okay, I was pissed about being there but I had the chance to see hairy leukoplakia for the first time. Man, this looks strange!
Then there's the new patient who perceives humans, parts of humans, animals, and inanimate objects as substantially smaller than in reality. That's intersting and I'd love to figure that out now, but pain is driving me insane.

And that's why this Monday sucks.
Normally I should be delirious and drugged by the amount of pills I swallowed today. (Just had my 15th pill...)
This morning everything was fine. I popped my last Vicodin after placing the black mug in front of Foreman, went to PPTH's drugstore and got a new bottle from a new pharmacist.

They look like Vicodin.
They smell like Vicodin.
They taste like Vicodin.
But they do not take the pain away.
Either they aggravate it or they do nothing at all.
I can't tell that apart.

I can only tell that pain's almost killing me. I can't think properly, I can't eat, I can't walk, I can't do anything properly. I already thumped my fist against the wall but this wasn't that helpful. I tried the same with my head which was a small success for about 50 seconds.

Yes, of course I phoned the pharmacist. He insists it is Vicodin and no placebo. I can't believe this. It can't be Vicodin. It can't be any analgesic!
Now I bit my tongue really hard, this helps for the moment.

I think I'll curl up on the sofa here in my office and try to get some sleep until lunch break. Maybe the pain has vanished when Jim comes in and wakes me up.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Chase is my new case (rhymy, rhymy, rhymy...)

Mood: tired
Weather: foggy and cold
Eating: Amy's cookies
Drinking: coffee
Listening to: Cuddy's babbling (or pretending to)
Annoyed by: Cuddy's babbling and Dr. Murdock's calls on my mobile

As you might have read in his blog, Chase is ill.
Really ill.
With double vision, dry coughs, cold-like symptoms, chills, high fever, palsy and so on.
Poor wombat, hm?
So for a few days no one will eat our pencils.

First I thought of a simple common cold, then of pneumonia. But the double vision and palsy made me think again. Foreman told me it's wrong, but I still think of Wegener's granulomatosis and I'll make them do some tests today.
Who had thought Chase could ever be so interesting, eh?
Maybe he has pneumonia and meningitis.
But the most likely (and boring) thing is encephalitis...I'm almost sure.
But hey, maybe it's Lupus! (Joke...)

I already visited him this morning and he asked me if I could tell him something.
I could.
But it was not what he'd like to hear.
"You'll die!", I grinned and left his room.

Whooohoooo, and believe me, I'm on tenterhooks.
It's Hanukkah and this means Jim will receive his gift today.
Ooooh, I can't wait.
We'll sneak out early I hope and when we're home again I'll hand it to him.
He already put the chanukkiyah to our living room and the shamash. It will be cosy lighting a candle every evening. (And I wonder if he'll recite the blessings but I don't think so.)
Aaaaand I want latkes tonight.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dinner with Ed and Fayt

Mood: Rrrrrrr
Listening to: Confide in me - Kylie Minogue
Drinking: coffee
Eating: a bagel

We'll be driving home in a few minutes and I can't wait to arrive.
I'm all cuddly and just want to fling myself on the sofa or curl up in bed joined by James.
I'll try my best not to annoy him on the way home...Let's see if I 'll stay the course.

Well, yesterday evening it was dinner with Dr. Marks and his better half at Bertha's in 734 S Broadway. We've been half an hour too late because I couldn't resist James. I just go mad when he stretches the way he did yesterday. He told you in his blog he accidentally brushed over my chest with his hip, didn't he? It was not his hip!
To say it with Robert Frost - Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back...
And guess what? James wasn't even pissed about being late. He seemed to really enjoy our delay. The only thing he did was asking me to dress up a bit 'cause Dr. Marks told us so.
So I put on black trousers, my black turtleneck, a black sportscoat and when we went off, I slipped into my black cord coat.
James of course couldn't help tieing - as nearly always.

We took a cab to the restaurant and during the drive James had his arm around my shoulder which really made me happy and proud.
"You look simply gorgeous", he whispered into my ear and I smiled. You can't imagine how good he looked.
When we arrived at the restaurant Dr. Marks and hisé already were sitting at the bar having a drink.
Marks waved to us when he spotted us at the entrance and we approached them. "Dr. House, Dr. Wilson...ehm ...Jim may I introduce you to my one and only, Fayt."
Both men were handsome and it seems as if Fayt is a bit older than Marks.
Jim nodded and smiled at Fayt. "Hello you can call me James, if you want to." They shook hands and I just said "Well and you can call me Greg."
"I am sorry for being late but we had to discuss something out", James apologized and I couldn't hide my broad grin at that lie.
"Yes we got a call from the PPTH and had to tell the youngsters how to solve a problem", I added and rolled my eyes.
"Oh, they can't solve their problems on their own?" Fayt replied and raised an eyebrow. "Ninnies" he snorted and I snickered. "Ninny-hammers!"

We just wanted to order a drink as well when the waitress guided us to our table. Marks, Edward, recommended crabs - they both did. So we decided to take them. Along the meal James and me ordered barrique and the other men seemed surprised we shared the same decanter. I just grinned, we said Cheers and it was impossible not to notice how nervous Edward was. The pocket of his sportscoat was slightly bulged and by the size and form I already knew what he was hiding there.
"Kst", I nudged Jim. "Look...", I whispered. James looked as I nodded to the bulge and grinned. I couldn't resist whistling the Wedding March and Edward blinked at me. "Pardon?"
"Ah", I smiled...."That just came to my mind." I looked at him as innocent as possible and he nodded after a short while.
Fayt asked us about PPTH and soon we were involved in a conversation, but I didn't forget Ed had that ring in his pocket and was on tenterhooks if we would be able to watch his proposal. From time to time they touched each others hand, snuggled shortly or beamed at each other.
Well...Jim and me beamed at one another, too, but that wasn't that revealing. And besides that when you're out with others you don't necessarily say "Heeeeeey, so great, we're a twosome, too!" So we just behaved quite normal but took our hands from time to time.
Fayt was too absorbed in the conversation to notice and Edward was too nervous to see anything else than what he had in mind for later this evening.
The first time Fayt examined us was when we talked about my speech, James put his arm around my shoulder and I nestled to him. He looked at Edward but said nothing. I still giggled when I thought of that rabbit thumping at my forehead.

The crabs, by the way, were excellent and I was a bit disappointed when I finished my meal. "Aaaaw", I sighed and James smiled at me tenderly. "What about a dessert?", he asked me. I looked up at him and saw the sparkles in his eyes which made my heart pound. "Eeerrrrr...if I order one now, will I get another one at the hotel?"
Jim took my hand. "Of course, with pleasure, darling!"
I smiled happily and ordered a hot chocolate and fudge cake with vanilla ice. James grinned and shook his head.
"Darling?", Fayt asked. "You're really close friends."
At that moment a guy with roses came around the tables in order to sell them to couples. Of course he omitted our table but Jim arose and approached him. I looked over my shoulder and stared. Would he really...?
He would.
He came back all smiles and went down on one knee handing me the rose. The whole restaurant was glancing at us - or at least I had the impression - when I took the rose with a slightly trembling hand and Jim said "For nothing this wide universe I call, Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all." I was hypnotized by the deep brown depths of his eyes and let out a prolonged sigh. He arose, sat down beside me, took me into his arms and we kissed softly, no matter who looked at us. My heart seemed to slop over again and I wished desperatly to be at home with him.
"I love you", he whispered as our lips parted and the people around cheered and clapped their hands. I blushed deeply but kissed him again nevertheless. "I love you" I replied the moment my cake arrived. The waitress smiled at us and nodded.
Dizzy as I was I had to shake my head slightly and was then aware of Edward and Fayt staring at us.
"You", Edward began, " two are...."
"This is obvious now, honey!", Fayt said and grinned.
"I never thought about that! first I thought...could they? But then...there was a one in a billion chance I thought..."
"Yes", I smiled. "James is a real first prize."
I started to eat my cake and offered to share it with James who gladly accepted. My pleasured little noises almost drove him mad and I'm sure they reminded him of completely different things but cake.
Fayt spotted our rings. "Good Lord! Can this be true? Are you married?"
"Yes", James nodded. "We were married at Boston."
"Ah, hence you knew!", Edward exclaimed and I smirked.
" didn't ask why I knew, did you?"

Sorry, I'm off now. But I think I'll continue this. Or Edward or James will do so...dunno. Just let me tell you we got a bottle of champagne.

I'm scared

Now I'm REALLY scared!!!
Who...I mean...
Ah...just watch yourself!


I love love love love that song.
It's one of my very favorites.
And I'll try this on the piano tonight - just for Jimmy.
I have no voice for singing, but I'll do my very best.

And another interesting thing....

Me, myself and I

Another picture of me. (You didn't think it's me, hm? Good I told you so...)

I am lounging at Baltimore Hospital's lobby this morning waiting for the last part of that congress to begin.

James took that photo (and my cane).

As you can see I'm in a good mood because soon we'll be driving home.

Pink Rabbit

I know it was somehow funny.
And secretly I laughed my ass off.
But I needn't to show Jim, hm?

So this is me and my new friend.
The pink rabbit he threw at me.

And no, it doesn't resemble Chase's washing glove!

Cheering at my speech

Mood: Can't we just go now?
Weather: this morning it was snowing
Listening to: my iPod... Glastonbury Song - The Waterboys

I'm sure, damn sure, this lecturer is no doctor at all but an inhabitant of that loony bin he's coming from. I do my very best but I can't concentrate on his speech and I just sit here and stare into thin air.
It's quite annoying I found out today that Murdock's really staring at me the whole time and I'm tempted just to flip him the bird or stick out my tongue. But no...I won't do that. I'll pretend I don't notice.
Five minutes ago I came back with two coffee for Jim and me and saw him arguing with that dweeb. I frowned and sat down. James handed me back my mobile - I didn't even notice it slipped out of my sportscoat's pocket. "Uh....thanks...."; I mumbled but James concentrated his attention to Murdock again.
"What do you think? Just snatch his mobile? What did you want with it?!"
Dr. Murdock shrugged. "I didn't snatch it. I just saw it on the floor and picked it up."
"And then phoned yourself with it???"
He blushed and shook his head. "No, of course not."
"But it made the impression you did!"
"Hey, I'm sorry! I just found it, really...."
James grunted and leaned back in his chair, Murdock looked at the stage and I listened to my iPod again. God, I have some really nice songs's City lights by William Pitt. Totally laid back and perfect for boring lectures. And what's even better: The captain of her heart by Double. I like the piano parts in it...maybe I'll try it at home. (And I have their Devil's ball, too...HAH!)

But I didn't want to tell you about today now. I wanted to tell you about my speech.
You know Jimmy was pissed because of my cheering, don't you?
That was why I bought him the Yeats book... I wanted to excuse.
But Jimmy would not be Jimmy if he hadn't already formed an idea of revenge in his sick mind.
Yes! His mind is as sick as mine from time to time, but I seem to be the only one who knows that.
The chairman asked me to get on the stage and I went up and headed for the lectern. Behind me I heard a loud yell.
"Go, Greggo, go Greggo, go go go!!!"
I didn't look over my shoulder. I didn't have to. I knew it was Jim. The chairman tried not to giggle and swallowed down his laughter when he shook my hand.
I cleared my throat and turned to the audience. "'s Greggo's turn now..." With these words I sent a glare into Jim's direction which told him to better stop this now. The participants giggled - at least they were really awake now.
I started my speech with a story about a guy with Colorado tick fever who showed up at PPTH and became my case. (Colorado Tick Fever is an illness caused by a virus of the Reovirus family carried by small mammals, such as ground squirrels, porcupines, and chipmunks, and by ticks.)
I was interrupted by a "WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!" and looked at Jim with the corners of my mouth twitching.
I continued as if nothing ever happened with Marburg virus which was disturbed by Jim swaying a rattle. YES! A rattle!!! The giggling started again and I took a deep breath.
There was a sweating doctor in the audience who looked not that good and I asked him to come up to me. First he hesitated but soon the whole audience cheered at him as if I was some magician who wanted to show a trick. And this was Jim's fault!
I asked him if he drank untreated milk but he answered in the negative. A friend of his was a vet and he accompanied him to treat cattle. Great! This was my chance for a live diagnosis, just as I wanted.
So I took the opportunity and diagnosed Brucellosis which made the audience gasp and me smirk. But, alas, I didn't smirk for long 'cause a stuffed pink rabbit (the kind they have at pediatrics to give to sick children) hit my brow. "YOU RULE, Greg! Whooohoooooo!!!! I want a child from you!!!"
I put my fists in my pockets and tried hard not to laugh. He totally destroyed my speech, I think, but it won't be forgotten by anyone. After the laughter ebbed away I closed my speech with a lecture on Enterobiasis with as much dignity as I could gather.
Okay....the applause was frenetic...but I'm not sure if it was because of what I said or what had happened.
I went back to my seat, Dr. Murdock beamed at me and James was swaying that rattle again. "You!", I bent down to him. "Yoooouuuu!TEASE!!!"


Sorry...this lecturer makes me looking for music and videos.
But I really did not expect to find this.
Who does such things????

Hello loonies...

This is Mental Disorder Hotline!
If you are schizophrenic, press 1. No, you others not!
Are you depressed, press 2 and listen to Mozart's Requiem.
If you are paranoid, hang up!!! They already have you! They put a trace on your phone and they live behind the walls!
You have suicidal tendencies? Hang up and get yourself a nice rope.

Confide in me.

Nope...I'm not mad....
We're just hearing a lecture on mental disorders....

Bury me deep in love

Oh my God!
I think I'm sentimental today.
We were just having breakfast, James handed me a cup of coffee, smiled at me and slightly touched my hand.
This smile and the look in his eyes....I can't help it - my heart just slopped over and made my eyes water. Embarassing....having breakfast with all the other participants!
I hope no one noticed.
This incident brought this song back to my mind. I simply love it.

So, James....Bury me deep in love!

Good morning

Today we just have the forenoon here and then drive back home.
I'm waiting for James to finish what he does on his laptop and longing for my morning coffee.
It's weird this morning, there seem to be problems with commenting on other blogs...
Sorry for spamming, James....

Before we go down to have breakfast, I'll show you two photos.

Well....just me yesterday...I decided I didn't really want to dress up but James urged me to change once again. So this wasn't what I wore for dinner.

Some don't know where....I don't know when. It's a bit older....maybe from last year or so. Maybe James recalls where this was.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lunch break and a disappointed JIm

Jimmy saw the picture of that wonderful Shakespeare Sonnet edition and so wished to see it. At first I didn't recall where I took the photo but then it came to my mind that it must have been the second hand book shop I bought his original edition of Yeats' poems.
Of course I promised him to go there and as soon as they announced the lunch break we were off.
"Unbelievable how fast that grumpy cripple can limp when it gets to the breaks", someone behind me said and I flipped him the bird.
Isn't that impossible? Must be someone I offended this morning.
James made the impression of wanting to slap his face but I grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the door.
"C'mon, he's a lousy bastard. I don't care", I said and grinned at him. "And besides that I'm used to it."
He muttered something and I'm damn sure that guy will receive Jim's revenge later.

We entered the bookshop and the bookseller almost fell to my feet. "Hello! There you are again! How are things going? May I offer you a coffee? Or tea?"
James looked blank and I just grinned. "Coffee would be nice. Right, James?"
Jim nodded and smiled. "Awfully nice."
The bookseller hurried and got us two mugs.
"How may I help you?", he asked then.
I secretly winked at him. "Oh...I saw the copy of Shakespeare's Sonnets yesterday. And my husband would love to have a look at it...."
He stared a few seconds, then nodded and smiled regretfully. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I sold it yesterday."
"Oh", James said disappointed and looked down to his shoes.
I put my arm around his shoulder. "Oh what a was such a beautiful book. I think it was a 1640-edition."
James blinked. "Oh nooooo, don't tell me that now!"
The bookseller nodded. "Yes. London. 'Printed by Thomas Cates, and are to be sold by Iohn Benson 1640'..."
James eyes widened. "Wow...that must have cost a fortune!"
I waved it aside when the bookseller opened his mouth and wanted to answer. "Aw, we don't want to know that. It's sold anyway, right?"
Cuddly-wuddly sighed, we emptied our cups and went to have some lunch.
It was heartbreaking to see him so disappointed but I was good at cheering him up.

Self portrait

Oh, this scan sucks!

I was bored to death during the last lecture and tried to do a self portrait.

It's done in charcoal - I borrowed the pencil from Dr. Murdock. Just a quick sketch, rough and weird.

Mail with strange road signs

I received an anonymous e-mail with strange road signs "related to Dr. House":

HAHA! Very funny!

Sneaking out for coffee...

Mood: like the cat that got the cream
Weather: rain, 46°F
Drinking: coffee

It kept at being boring and when Dr. Gibbs gave a speech on pediatrics, Jim and me sneaked out.
Well...this was kinda difficult 'cause we didn't want to be seen, so we were lucky I insisted on seats in the back row. We hid behind the others already sitting and weaseled out of the lecture hall. As soon as the door closed I had to snicker and we sneaked off to the pediatrics common room to help ourselves with the coffee there.
James kept complaining about Dr. Murdock and the way he seemed to stare at me all of the time.
But honestly I still didn't notice that so far. Everytime I look up he looks straight ahead.

I sipped my coffee and smiled at James. "So what? He's not hitting on me, he's just glancing. And I told him we're married and you're the real thing for me...."
James grunted slightly pissed. "Knowing that someone's married and accepting it is a whole new ballgame..."
I put my mug aside. "Aw hun...but why does that annoy you? Let him accept it or not, I love you and his glances won't change that."
He looked up at me and smiled. His eyes sparkled and the very look at him made me dizzy.
Whooosh, I thought when he approached me and took me into his arms.
"They won't come back for an hour now, right?", he whispered into my ear and sent shivers down my spine.
"Um...", I said, " think you're right."
James' lips slid along my neck and I swallowed and closed my eyes. "M...maybe we should lock the door..."
"There is no key", he whispered. "But don't worry, you know everyone's at lecture hall."
The moment he kissed me I didn't worry about anything at all 'cause all reason was washed away and it wasn't difficult for him to gently push me to the sofa.
I stumbled a bit when we arrived there and soon we both lay on it. James bent over me and demanded with a hoarse voice "And now, husband, you'll have to fulfill your connubialities!"
Gaaaaaaawd, I just thought and couldn't do anything else than swallow and nodd.

There we were, at Baltimore Hospital, at the pediatrics common room snogging madly and fumbling at our clothes. I can almost hear Foreman gasping "They're totally crazy!"
James contented himself with opening our shirts and pulling our trousers down so we might have had the chance to jump up and rearrange our clothes if someone was approaching.
His one hand caressed my bare chest and made me tremble, the other covered my mouth from time to time to suppress a too load moan. The passionate way he kissed me almost drove me mad and I just could utter a silent cry when our bodies became one. My hands slipped under his open shirt and clutched to his back and I desperately tried not to be too loud.
"Aaaaaaw", I moaned and was silenced with a kiss. "Psh", he said and moved awfully slow.
"Mnmmmmmmm", was all I managed to answer to that and in the end let out a suffocated cry.

James lay panting on my chest and I fondled his hair when we heard the applause. I giggled. "Yes, I think this is for you!"
James snorted and grinned at me. "Maybe we should dress properly now, darling..."
He was already looking neat as a pin again when I still lay on the sofa only having my trousers closed but my shirt still open and my hair slightly deranged.
The door opened and Dr. Marks came in.
"Uh, hello", he said and smiled at James. When he saw me on the sofa an "Oh!" slipped out of his mouth and he looked from one to another.
"He was not feeling well", James grinned with an uttermost innocent expression on his face. "We sneaked out and he rested a bit on the sofa and we had a cup of coffee."
"Could I please get another?", I asked with my weakest voice and Marks looked at me concerned while James thoughtfully poured another cup of coffee for me.
"Is everything okay with you, Dr.House?", he asked and I nodded.
"Of was just my leg and I felt a bit sick..."
"You need anything?"
I smirked. "I really got everything I needed."
He nodded and smiled and got himself a coffee. "So it's your turn after lunch?"
I rolled my eyes. "Unfortunately yes. At 3 pm."
"Fine, I'll be there", he grinned and left the room with the mug.

James looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I grinned at him and soon we were snorting with laughter.
Well, of course we knew he's gay and living with his beloved - but it wouldn't be wise to admit we just had sex on a sofa in "his" hospital, hm?


I'm tempted to stand up and shout a long drawn-out "Booooooooooooooooooooooring!" like Homer Simpson over the heads of the other attendees.
And after lunch I have to change into suit and tie. Don't know which annoys me more.
I'll have to hold my speech after lunch.
James took a photo yesterday evening at dinner when he reminded me of that fact:

Funny, thank you...

I'm glad I have that PDA and the PSP...otherwise I'd die of boredom.
Today I even fell asleep on a chair at the lobby...

And thanks for taking this photograph!

James is pissed at the moment because that Dr. Murdock keeps staring at me.
At least James thinks so - I didn't notice.

Look at this!

Isn't that beautiful!?

Abnormal Cyrus, cheering and other things

Mood: cuddly
Weather: cloudy, 50 °F
Listening to: Beautiful things - Massive Music Amsterdam
Drinking: yet another coffee

Oh, James was pissed.
I'm so sorry about that.
He was nervous and I wanted to bring some comic relief to the whole situation.
He had to hold his speech on rare cancer and I cheered.

James was on his way to the lectern and I lifted my right arm and was waving.
"Go, Jimmy, go, go, gooo! Whooohooo!"
I noticed his walk stiffened a bit but he didn't turn around.
His lecture was very interesting and well prepared. No one fell asleep, they all had their eyes fixed at the stage and Jim and scribbled down notes.
And he really deserved the applause he got. The chairman thanked him and when he came back, I raised my arms and yelled "You rule! YEAH! Whooohooo!"
The applause swallowed my yell a bit so that only a few people around me could hear it and giggled.
James did not look at me and flung himself into his chair. His eyes were fixed on the guy on the stage and he didn't say a word.
I nudged him. "C'mon don't be pissed now! You really rule. This was at least an interesting speech and I think all persons in the room were awake."
He just took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling shaking his head.
Oh, he was really pissed. I realized that by now and swallowed.
Well done, Greggo...Think about an excuse, I thought.

Afterwards I hurried off mumbling I forgot to buy something. The first thing I got was Abnormal Cyrus:

His clothes remind me of Freddy Krueger and he's so weird I just love him. He should replace Rupert who's mine now.
But he was just the eye catcher. What I really wanted to buy was in the second hand bookshop I spotted Monday evening. It was the first edition of Yeats' Poems and Stories.
And at that opportunity I found the perfect Christmas (or Chanukka) present for him. It cost me a fortune and I hope he won't check our account, but I desperately want him to have that little treasure. can read in his blog what he thinks about Yeats. He was more than happy, I think.

Then there was Dr. Marks who spotted his Nintendo DS in my thievish hands. He wasn't able to talk to me 'cause this would mean to yell all across the room, so he just lifted up a piece of paper: Go on Dr. House. I'm listening, and...RETURN MY DS!

I grinned and continued playing Prince of Persia.
And I was a bit surprised he approached me. "Hey, if you're busy or anything. I could take you to lunch or something. My treat?"
I blinked at him and pondered.
"'ll pay!", I finally answered and hobbled off. "C'mon, Jim! Dr. Marks invited us for lunch!", I smirked and James followed with a grin.
Dr. Marks headed for the cafeteria.
"Ukk...I won't eat there!", I announced and James just rolled his eyes to the ceiling.
"Er...", Dr. Marks began. "There's that Italian restaurant around the corner..."
"Okey-dokey!", I replied and off we were.

We sat down in a nice little trattoria and I ordered tagliatelle con porcino and red wine. Marks seemed to be well rested today and thus was able to reply to my teasing. I have to admit it was fun.
Somewhere down the road his mobile went off and he blushed. "Sorry...I...I forgot to turn it off..."
Jim waved that aside. "Never mind", he smiled and secretly caressed my knee under the table.
After Marks finished his conversation I asked "Was that your better half?" I grinned and he blushed again. " was Fayt."
Jim nodded. "And I think this was for him", and handed him that Dinner for Two thing back which I noticed with a sigh.
"Uh, thank you!", Marks beamed and stuffed it into his pocket.
"Maybe you'll want to join us this evening?"
Jim smiled and before I could object he agreed. So it's dinner with Mr. Ed and Fayt tonight...
I rested my chin on my hands and smirked at him. "So - are you married to him?"
Marks looked blank. "Married? No...of course not. We can't marry."
I nodded. "But yes, you can. You could get married in Canada. Or at Boston."

And I relished the way I saw the gears in his head move. I think he still wonders why I know such things.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The first evening at Baltimore

I told you Dr. Marks disturbed us just when the evening began to become pleasant, didn't I? So I just had to challenge him when we met. And I was sooooo disappointed. He was dumbfounded and took me all serious. No witty or cutting remarks, just dull glances and blank stares.
And what really sucks: I can't comment on his blog today. There's something wrong with the beta version I think. Both Jim and me can't leave comments there, but so what.
I realized he was tired as hell and decided to give him another chance today. I wonder if he noticed by now I snatched his Nintendo DS from his labcoat pocket...
James was staring at it when I swayed it before his eyes after we went out of the hospital.
"You stole his Nintendo???"
I grinned. "Ah, no...I just borrowed it..."
James shook his head. " should have known that. You have some kind of X-Ray-eyes when it comes to things like these."
I examined the Nintendo and giggled. "Our little fag plays Prince of Persia!"
Jim snorted and grinned. "You play that, too...."
I shrugged. "It's funny nonetheless..."
"But we won't use that dinner for two now he offered us!", Jim insisted. "I'm sure he just gave it to me to make up for the things you accused him of...We'll hand it back to him tomorrow!"
I stuck out my lower lip and pouted, but Jim was mercyless.

We arrived at the hotel and some monster-cleavage-diva known as Dr. Judy Bench tried to engross James as soon as we came through the entrance door. I already noticed she had an eye on him when we checked in. She babbled and smiled at him and fluttered her eyelashes on him. As always when a woman flirts with him, he turns to Prince Charming and is all nice and friendly. So he just nodded and smiled when she invited him to the bar for this evening.
We stepped into our room and he pinned me to the wall. "YES!", he exclaimed. "Alone!"
Before he could kiss me with the passion I spotted in his eyes I interrupted him and put my index finger on his lips. "Yeah...but not for long, Prince Charming. You've got a date at half past eight..."
He stepped back a bit and looked blank. "Huh? I have what?"
I grinned. "You better be careful when women are flirting with you. She invited you to the bar and you just smiled an nodded..."
"Heck!", he said and rubbed his neck. "Did I?"
I nodded and hinted a kiss. "Mhmmmm..."
The wistful look in his eyes told me everything and I didn't feel any better, but I chose to tease him a bit.
He went to the bathroom, took a short shower and changed his clothes. I avoided joining him because I perfectly knew where this would lead, so I just rearranged my hair and refreshed my new attainment - Penhaligon's LP No:9. (LP stands for Love Potion...--> )
I also bought this Douro from Penhaligon's but didn't test it yet. It's described with bloomy words as a strong citrus blend blended with bergamot and sandalwood. "A surprisingly mellow warmth."
Well...I'm on tenterhooks how James will like it when I use it tonight.
He seems to really like that LP:9-thingy...

"God...Greg! Is that you?", he exclaimed when we were on our way to the elevator. (I promised him to accompany him to the bar and take a seat a few chairs away from him.)
I just smiled. " it?"
He swallowed. "I'd like to show you right now how much I like it..."
Before the elevator doors opened I shortly snuggled towards him, then we stepped out. James looked around. "So..where's the bar?"
I sniffed and smelled Guinness. "Down there", I pointed with my cane.
James looked at me with disbelief. "You smelled that?"
I looked blank. "You didn't?"
Yes...I'm sometimes worried when it gets to my mind I really smell bars (and pills)...
He just shook his head. " does she look like?"
"Hellooooooohoooooo", she already yelled across the lobby.
As I promised, I took a seat two chairs away from him and was slightly disappointed that there were only bar chairs. It's rather difficult for me 'cause usually you support yourself with your feet on them. With one leg almost totally useless and no support in my back it was more a pain than a pleasure to stay at that bar.
That pain deepened when a certain darkhaired doctor from California patted my back. "Good evening! Nice to meet you again!"
"I don't know yet if it's nice to meet you", I replied well remembering Jim's somehow jealous words this guy had a crush on me.
That idiot just laughed and there were many women who couldn't decide if they stared at James or him. "Hah, you're in a good mood!", he said.
Am I?, I thought and he offered me a drink.
Do I look somehow gay?, I now thought but of course accepted the drink. It was for free and it was alcohol.
"Guinness would be nice", I answered and he beamed at me.
"Pint or half pint?"
"Pint of course!", I answered and rolled my eyes.
Meanwhile monster-cleavage-diva tried once again to totally engross James and I noticed her hand on his knee. He shifted uncomfortably and moved so that her hand slipped from his leg.
California guy took his chance and serenaded me touching my arm every now and then. I always shook it off but he didn't seem to notice.
He was a certain Dr. Murdock, nephrologist at Santa Monica. He smiled and offered me his hand. "I'm Brad!", he beamed.
I ignored the hand and replied "I'm Dr.House."
He laughed again. "I really like your humor!", he said and put his arm around my shoulders. Jim noticed that of course and frowned. I stiffened and was slightly pissed he just dared to touch me and come so close. "Could you..", I began and he withdrew his arm.
Judy began to offer James to go up to her room with him and he gave me a Help me please-look.
"Would you excuse me for a second?", I said and approached them.
"James, there you are", I said and smiled at him.
"Greg!", he exclaimed with relief.
He introduced me to Judy and she wanted to know if I worked at PPTH, too. Meanwhile Brad joined us and put his hand on my arm again which I just shrugged off. I nodded.
"So you're an oncologist, too?"
"Nope...I'm the head of the Diagnostic Department", I replied and did not hide I was bored to death.
"Really? Wow, I applied for a job there some years ago!"
I examined her and narrowed my eyes. "Yes! Now I remember you. You've been that much too blonde hooker in that red dress!"
Do I have to mention she soon left us? No?
Brad laughed his ass of and wanted to take me to another bar where they offered Murphy's.
And do I have to tell you I prefered to go upstairs with Jim instead? No?
It was a very pleasant night and this morning I was more than tired, but it was worth it.


Yes, I really own some.
I got an e-mail and was asked to show it.
Is this really that interesting? we go:

Yesterday evening when Dr. Marks showed us around:

It's the oncologist's kitchen I think. But I don't care who's it is as long as there's coffee.

Teasing Dr. Marks with grumpy remarks and glances:

Yes...I do have another turtleneck...This is what I'm wearing today:

Dressed up at the 9th of December...Yes! I'm not leaning on my cane for e few seconds.

I can't deal with stupid people

Mood: tired as hell
Weather: cloudy, 54°F
Listening to: Tear - The Smashing Pumpkins
Eating: nothing, breakfast will be served in 30 minutes
Drinking: nothing, but long for coffee

No, I can't really deal with stupid people.
I hate it when I insult them and they're just laughing 'cause they just don't get the hang of it.
I'm not nice and I don't want them to think I'd like them.
No - I can't deal with stupid people.
But there are so many of them around.
So many nerds with a doctoral level.

Okay...let's drop this. I'm sure you savvied what I mean.
The drive to Baltimore seemed to take ages and I was bored, tired, wanted to cuddle James and couldn't and my leg kept at hurting. That drive cost me 4 Vicodin and James a whole bundle of nerves - I'm so sorry.
10 minutes after departure:
Are we there yet?
No... Side glance.
30 minutes later:
Are we there yet?
5 minutes later:
Are we there yet?
12 minutes later:
Are we there yet?
7 minutes later:
Are we there yet?
GOD! Greg, get your PSP and shut up!!!
14 minutes later:
Snuggled my head to his shoulder and just looked out of the front shield. This earned me a kiss on my temple.
Shortly before arrival:
Are we there yet?
*A deep sigh* Soon, hun. Soon.

No, that wasn't mean. It was distracting.

Finally we arrived at our hotel and the car was parked and our luggage taken out.
When we checked in the manager approached us.
"Is that Dr. House and Dr. Wilson?", he asked.
"It is", I answered a bit bored.
He shook our hands and I thought I'd never get mine back.
"I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! We got you a bottle of champagne and of course the bar at your room's for free."
I glared at him and it was really hard to hide the beam that wanted to come upon my face. "That's at least one thing..."
James smiled at him. "Don't worry. It's a congress, it's bound to be crowded everywhere."
He was relieved James was so nice and handed us the key to guide us personally to our room.

As soon as the door closed I allowed the beam to appear on my face.
"Champagne! The bar!"
I examined the bar. "James, there's Malt in it!" I clapped my hands like a small child.
James smiled at me. "Freak!"
I stuck out my tongue and began to unpack.
The room was really nice and comfortable and the king size bed looked inviting.
James unpacked, too and I changed into a comfortable grey turtleneck and black jeans with a black sportscoat.
I was just about to check the bar again when James embraced me from behind and pecked my cheek. " feel so good. You smell so good", he whispered and I felt a twitch in my stomach.
I turned around in his embrace and we kissed softly.
This evening was going to be very nice.
I thought!
The phone in our room rang and disturbed us.

I sighed. "So much to that..."
James fondled my hair and gave me a tender look whilst I picked up the phone.
"One big pizza with sweetcorn, artichokes...", I began.
"Is that Dr. House?", an unfamilar voice asked me.
"Yes. It is. Who disturbs?"
"Uh, it's me, Dr. Marks..."
He told me the direction to Baltimore Hospital and we had to leave.